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  1. Yep, OP got it really wrong....Obviously a frustrated Broonster....
  2. Tories get voted in at next election All the bad news unwinds - pfi, debt levels, mass unemployment through till 2010 etc Tories say 'we need a fresh start' to the public Massive cost cutting undertaken in government About the last problem we will have is where house prices are (which by then will be in freefall by then) House prices go down (probably bottom in 2012) Everything gets blamed on Brown and his gimps Only my very humble opinion.
  3. C'mon DB, give us your thoughts on the black monday....
  4. Hometrack's survey is based on responses from 1,776 estate agents and surveyors anything else would be like turkeys voting for christmas
  5. Bull Alert++++Bull Alert++++ Can't wait for our esteemed 'experts' opinion on this one. C'mon Sibbers, McCollywobble....chocks away.....
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