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  1. But everything else is coming up smelling of roses?
  2. So whose going to set up the first EA to price up houses like that then? Any suggestions, or could it be the start of a HPC franchise of EA's?
  3. In Huntingdonshire we get 3 bins: Blue - Recyling Grey - Normal waste Green - Garden waste All picked up every other week and no charge. Looks like you are getting stitched up in Worcestershire?
  4. Absolutely nothing Rachman in general. Just have a look at the price difference between those new build houses that are your standard 4 bedroom and those that are the same 4 bedroom footprint with the loft converted with the two additional bedrooms. In my area they are typically going for 30% more. Does it really cost £150k ish to convert the loft? I know that everyone needs to make a profit, but jeez.... Also look at the room sizes of new build property compared with those properties built even 30 years ago. There was this trend to go from big open space to chopping and carving everything up into lots of little individual spaces. Again in principle, if thats the way we live now fine, however we do seem to all be paying a premium for it in comaprison. I agree with the poster that said we should pay for property like Germany, based on the square metre. Consumately sensible I would say? Am I missing something here?
  5. Well, after the flurry of activity - what is Rinao - him, her or it. Maybe they are a that?
  6. When the major builders started creating the additional rooms by building into roof space and chopping larger areas in half they started to call them 'bonus' rooms. Thats how they created breakfast rooms, studies and family rooms etc. Also the plethora of 5 bedroom houses by taking the footprint of an average size 4 bedroom house and creating a thrird floor in what would have just been the roofspace? Doing this, they get to bang £100k on the price. Bravo! Only Brit builders could take an existing space, chop it in half and call that a USP advantage?
  7. Have a look at his property website - Yet another property expert! Here some nuggets from his site: Every week, I say that now is one of the best times to buy a new build property and it still is!!! We own the majority of some of the biggest mortgage lenders so we should have seen more activity by now… As you know I always look at the housing market in a positive way (whatever it is doing) Within months we shall see him in a location, location, grand designs, homes under the hammer - alike programme of his own
  8. So that means we won't hear about it from him again for a while
  9. Very good, bit worrying LondonToManchester - but, but, but, mortgage lending is up!!
  10. When Hamish isn't posting on HPC, his secondary hobby is obvious....
  11. Whatever happened to Converted Lurker, he got to 9999 posts in early March and then stopped posted? Wanted to make a point at all the 9's ? Wiped out by a crack Brooon hit squad ? Has he reinvented himself under another name ? C'mon CL, we deserve an answer?
  12. West Bromwich Building Society is the most cautious, refusing to provide loans worth more than 50 per cent of the market value on new-build flats and 75 per cent on new-build houses. Makes perfect sense to me? In fact a bit generous on new-build houses?
  13. I can see Nationwide making the increase whatever it needs to be to get close to the Halifax average indice of £158k
  14. Which is what professional sales is all about. Have great products/services available, know your product, empathise with your customer, provide good pricing and a great service. You will go back as a repeat customer. Simples
  15. For those that never want to converse with a sales person again, here you go Barter away cave people I get annoyed when anyone paints a broad brush stroke picture of sales people. Yes, agreed, there are a small number of spivs out there that are peddling schemes or crap products. However, there are a very large number of very dedicated professionals that care what they sell, how the sell it, who they sell it too etc. Some things do sell themselves (including Gucci shoes), however how do you think the brand was built up in the first place? Someone got of their backside and built a brand - by SELLING typically - including Guccio Gucci by originally 'selling' leather bags to horsemen in the 1920's and then opening the first Gucci shop on the Via Condotti in Rome in 1938. Vogue came a lot later I employ a number of salespeople who take my products and services to market in an ethical, proactive, customer focused way. No, not time shares but manufactured products. Without them, I guess I could pray that someone would stumble across my services (which I understandably believe are the best available in the specific market) by accident 'as they sell themselves'. But guess what, as someone building a business I don't work on chance, blind belief. Caveat emptor obviously remains for the buyer. How long have we known that time shares are not something most people would not benefit in purchasing, I remember reports going back to the early eighties warning people off them. If it looks too good to be true then avoid with a barge pole. For all those people that are holier than thou and don't talk to sales people get a mirror and look in it. Because guess what, you have probably sold a car or house to someone at sometime. But, if you still doggedly remain of the opinion that you will never buy another thing from a salesperson then I have given you your solution above
  16. Interesting? What does everyone think this is? Blip? Floor reached? Dead cat bounce? Inflation? Media ramping? Bearin in mind that state is nigh on bust. Are we seeing the states market now turning, or a breather before the next downward stage?
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