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  1. Bumpity Bumpity Bump Only gone up a 600 or so in the last 2 weeks, we need to get another push on. Anyone not signed, please do so....unless you are a ZanuLabour gimp of couse..
  2. A delicious irony of China using environmental reasons not to buy Hummer Why buy Hummer, the Chinese can let it go pop, copy it cheaply and set up a factory in China making it. Apart from the brand name, Hummer have nothing. Old technology, old manufacturing techniques. They just got lucky with Arnie and a few rappers buying them and pimping them up in the noughties. Edit - got my decades mixed up!
  3. Very funny....do they say faaackking in Swansea?
  4. and we have another 12 months of them... :angry: Gordy Gimp better be making his plans to get a little place in the middle of the pacific (he can't go to the Turks and Caicos now ) to see out his remaining days after leaving the car crash of an economy
  5. I am making a reasonably large cash puchase in the next few weeks. I have the money in a bond that releases in the middle of next month. For a few different reasons I wanted the transaction to go through prior to the bond maturing. I phoned my bank, which said they would set up a temporary large overdraft facility for me (bearing in mind they have the security on the o/d via the bond which is with the same back). They want £1500 arrangement fee to set up the facility. So I can see that these sorts of charges across their customer portfolio are going to hurt. I can afford the charge (even though on my purchase I will wait for the bond to mature in this instance), however I feel for the many millions that are going to get kicked in the proverbials by the sort of charges that the OP is indicating.....
  6. Oh dear, do I have to do this again? Here you go, heres five bear news stories for today: Negative Equity Threat Trouble at BOE Mill Economy Shrinking Faster Ford Raises Prices Expats Having To Come Home So obviously the recovereh is in full flight, because some mug from Assetz says so...
  7. Great, they will be offering BOGOF deals soon, when the phoney war ends
  8. Shucks, where is the MMA going to be shown now... :angry:
  9. You mean you can save a whole pound on this flat - bargain, I must rush and buy it up...
  10. Yup, just like our debt, it will be someone elses problem to sort in the future Only problem is, the future at some point becomes tomorrow...
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