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  1. I cannot dispute that Kate Garraway is a nice bit of a skirt, but she is with that little toad - Draper?
  2. Temporary 10% top line cut until we are back on budget - it was voluntary.
  3. I wish I could say I felt sorry for them: Kate Garraway - That dipsh*t Derek Drapers other half.. Andrew Castle - Former British No1 Tennis player - says it all (had you heard of him before breakfast tv?) Spin (on) that one Draper.....
  4. Well, you must believe that as well then if that is all you are going to offer? Let me be first to welcome you to the bear pit
  5. Yep, as real as house prices going up for the rest of this year....
  6. Ahh, but what more would you expect from Lord Harris of Peckham His first delivery van...
  7. Fionnuala Early (Nationwide) says ''while we expect the economy to slow down in 2008 we are not expecting to go into recession and if we don't go into recession we don't expect any dramatic increases unemployment and with that relative stability in the employment market, thats quite good news for the housing market'. This clip was from July 2007. Stupid name, even more stupid forecast And she is their chief economist ffs!! I have money in that BS so I better get it out quick!
  8. Or Threadneedle St for salaries and Merthyr Tydfil for house prices more like
  9. Correct, however the TOC's and NR would have had to carry over the pay scales from privatisation. You have specific skill sets to be able to work trackside and it is expensive to get people to that level with the right training and cards. A friend of mine was an administrator for BR in the late eighties/early nighties (before the privatisation). She was 21 and earning over £20k, with other admin positions in the area that she lived paying generally circa £12k. Dial in the pension, free travel etc it was a great deal for her.
  10. Congratulations, you are in the top 20% of earners.
  11. As ever, Spamish has just chucked in a grenade and heads for the hills. Bless him....
  12. Hamish...oh Hamish..... Did you have that info, or did you get it from your normal reference material?
  13. I would like to see the evidence backing this statement? Please provide?
  14. Sorry to hear that Get it back on the market soonest, theres a recovery doncha know. Who knows, maybe one of the mcspamish, sibbers, hilarious, pandykn, rinowall collective will buy it as a btl opportunity? C'mon guys, money where your mouth is?..
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