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  1. Probably as he knows they have bought a pup, have no idea as they are a punter property developer who thinks they will make their millions from flashing a bit of dulux about and will generally lose a fortune?
  2. Ha Ha Ha, no labour votes.....yet I hope, I hope, I hope its deflationagogo......fingers crossed. However, Injin keeps frightening me
  3. A spokesman for RBS was unable to confirm the costs and would not comment on the secretive location of the suite. He said: "We made a contractual commitment to hospitality packages at Wimbledon three years ago. We did think hard about this in the light of our position as we cut our hospitality across the board by 90% this year. However, in this case not to use it would have been a waste of committed resources so we went ahead with inviting customers and charity partners. The bit he left out was that the new chief exec likes a bit of tennis? Stephens an active sort of guy
  4. I know, but he should appeal. Unless the mods are giving the bulls troll pictures that best suit their online demeanour?
  5. Andykn, that has got to be the most depressed troll picture you have as an avatar I have seen. At least Sibleys hair stands up and looks a little bit cheery?... At least his troll looks like it would go down the winebar for a night out, chucking beer over its mates whilst listening to Oasis.....
  6. Ok, you have had the words now a picture, for all you male fatasists out there.....
  7. He must have already had extensions in the past that took up the size of the property above the 30% level. Unless he really does live in a 2 up 2 down?
  8. 0% increase is growth Obama Beach He has saved the world This idiot needs to be sectioned as frankly he has lost the plot.
  9. C'mon Sybil. How about burying the hatchet with the bulls?
  10. Is this guy taking the mickey? You buy a house and get his knackered old £20k Ferrari, that will cost you about the same each year to keep going. Sounds to me like he's getting rid of 2 old money pits?
  11. Yep, where is it please. I think we could probably get a bus full to go have a look around. I never thought the HPC would have 'side' benefits!
  12. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Funnily enough I am buying a holiday lodge at the moment. When I did a web search for planning permission applications for other lodges as I want to extend it, the hips report that the vendor had done to put it up for sale was on the hips company website online in pdf which I could then download. Not sure the vendor would like all the info freely available on the internet, but there you go. So, do a search on the address. You never know?
  14. As I said earlier he bases average salaries on Threadneedle St... Thats because he is a
  15. Dear Spamish, as I asked for earlier, proof please. Or shall we just work on sweeping statements again?
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