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  1. Just spoke to currency trader who sounds like he is about to cut his wrists after todays sterling 'fluctuations' Suggested I might want to get out of sterling a bit quick because of the todays growth figures and the QE probably kicking off again. No sh*t Sherlock.
  2. Absolutely, all of our European cousins coming and spending thier Euros in our fine retail environment.
  3. I believe they have the time.... It could be the My Ass Price Index (MAPI) The MAPI would sit above the CPI and RPI to give a clearer picture of the economy!
  4. Well you could always email him thanking him...Email Away Also whilst you are at it...Hector Sants (FSA), Jose-Manuel Barroso (EU), Eric Daniels (Lloyds TSB) etc......
  5. All of this beggars belief. The more I see on here, the more I get exasperated. £30k to move to a smaller gaff!! So what happens when he has a family, he gets the right for a bigger house/flat!! So gets moved again (albiet with a delay) back into a bigger place. In the short term gets to spunk £30k on plasma, merc and designer clobber (no offence Bosh, but your mate might not be like that but plenty will).... I saw something from Dr Bubb re twit Brown going after the Chav vote. Lets be fair if this sort of thing goes on, who can blame certain parts of society right royally taking the pi5s nicely helped by our friggging civil servants on their fixed salary pensions etc etc. Rant over.
  6. So a bit more digging leads me to the following: 2006 - (peak) 1,525,798 home sales - 203 home sales per employee (7500 employees) - 3.9 per week 2008 - 726,887 - 96 home sales per employee (7500 employees) - 1.8 per week The figures based on 2008 with the job cuts - 121 home sales per employee - 2.3 per week If that is a succesfully automated process and to be used by Europe as a model going forward - my ass??!! Figures above from Zoopla
  7. Love the image of a Rottweiller in fire helmet and bucket of water... ''Wheres the fire?'' I know a few people who live in Burnley and they all think it is a shithole
  8. Agreed. Isn't that reassuring that we are now are basing our trust in politicians based on which will do us the least harm rather than the most good?
  9. So one in five eh? That means that they have 7500 people working there!!! Putting info that is lagging 3-6 months late out. Jesus, no wonder we are in the crap we are in....
  10. Gotta love ITN. Don't tell me, the GB speech is lead story on Beeb? Certainly is on the BBC News website. I now only watch ITN, Beeb is struggling to hide its affinity to Labour at times...
  11. West of Cambridge actually, just outside of Huntingdon. Huntingdon - the new Costa Del Sol Edit - sorry, just noticed that even though you were replying to my post, you were talking about VMR link
  12. No, no, no - It was £325k when he was dreaming, £315k to sell at peak in 2007. Both his and my house where worth about the same (in the same vincinity). I took £285k to sell mine which completed summer 2008. So indeed he has suffered less price drop than me over 13 months later (as long as it goes to completion)!!
  13. Got a friend in Cambs who has been looking at selling his house to move to Warwickshire for his wifes new job. I have been prattling onto him about getting it on the market for ages if he does want to sell as it may be his last chance etc etc Anyway, says he will take £280k for it to me, EA says lets put it up for £295k so you can negotiate down. To be fair the EA said if it did not get an offer by the end of September, it would not sell till the new year. Blow me, if on the first weekend of going on sale he gets eight viewings and two offers!!! One offer at £5k under asking and one at asking price. Supposedly both offers are from cash buyers ready to proceed.... He could not wait to give me, the harbinger of doom, his good news The pessimist in me says, lets see if it goes through to completion. Good luck to him, but gee, I just cannot understand it??
  14. As an Arsenal supporter I hope that there is a massive property bubble in this particular part of London (no where else, of course) for the coming 6-12 months... However, one caveat - the money goes into paying down debt and new players and not into Hill Woods or Fiszmans pocket
  15. Oh, Ohhh...I don't imagine you wanted all your flickr pictures available for all at HPC to see from the link you sent??
  16. Agree completely. You get what you pay for. When I last sold (late 2007), I went with an agent at 1%. In 3 months 3 viewings, and then they went bust. I went to another agent for 1%, 1 viewing in 2 months and then they went bust. Went for an agent that charged 2% (as the total sales package they presented made sense). Guess what? Two viewings within a week, and one went to offer and then through to completion. Motivated seller + Motivated agent = sold house....
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