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  1. Well here goes. I am another classic lurker on this site. STR back in 2002 as I thought then that prices were going barmy and must be due a drop - how wrong could I be!! Got back in, in 2003 and again due to a job move sold last summer. Job move didn't happen in the end, however luckily still sold the house. Took a view that with the recession imminant (didn't take a rocket scientist to work that out at the time with the US going tits up and NR etc) Anyway, the first agent came and valued (in March 2008) at £335k, not a single viewing (quelle surpris), in the end put it up for £295k with a sensible EA who actually talked some sense and told me to 'get ahead of the curve' and sold within a week after I accepted an offer of £280k (May 2008). Was a 15% drop (well if you took the first muppet agents valuation seriously) back in the summer so I was definitely ahead of the curve at that time, but with everything thats going on now, I was a very lucky chap. Problem is now: the money where do you put it, will we all have jobs in the coming months, will my daughters generation have to pay for all of the idiotic things that have happened in the last 10 years etc etc.
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