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  1. Probably because the funding of the huge discounts given by the major manufacturers to rental firms is coming to an end with all of their recent woes. The model for rental firms was fast turnover (reducing maintenance costs) of cars, customer service (people rented cars that were relatively new) and because of the low price lost very little when putting them through the auction block. The manufacturers got rid of stock, and controlled the stock coming back through by selling through the closed auctions (so only dealers could buy) or via manufacturers used car schemes like Ford Direct. For example Hertz was owned by Ford until 2005, thats why up till then when you rented a family car off Hertz it would typically be a Ford Motor Co car (Ford, Volvo, LR, Mercury etc)
  2. So he is involved in the industry. He should know better? I would be eyes wide open of I were her now
  3. Very few of the people waiting to buy will actually buy at the bottom. Prices drops and recovery will not be v shaped, there will be a long level of plateauing out. It will come down to how much patience you have, the longer you wait the longer the price drops. Probably.
  4. Shouldn't they call it repeat repeat with a revist revisit
  5. Nookie was never the same after the split from Roger De Courcey...
  6. And all presided over by Nooky the Bear My god, what a night - Relocation Relocation, Apprentice & Grand Designs all in the same night. Get me my mogadon
  7. Its been going up by that level since I moved to this area in 2000. It seems that the sheeple have accepted it and the council ain't going to do anything to change it. Complained back in 03 re the increases. It took 3 months to get an answer and then it was virtually useless, extra police, schools yadda yadda. What I have seen is rubbish collection down to every other week, less visible policing....but nice new shiny council offices that virtually take up the whole centre of Huntingdon
  8. I gather from a friend of mine that lathes etc that were going for £3.5k a year ago are about £300 now on Ebay
  9. Do you think she told him: 'there are powers at work in this country of which we have no knowledge, do you understand?'
  10. I once asked for help from the NHBC on a new build to get a load of snags sorted by the developer, they were about as much good as a chocolate teapot. Toothless tiger comes to mind. I think the developer knew it as well, when I threatened to go to to the NHBC it was almost 'go on then'
  11. I believe that in the case of people I know, they have had the full survey done and alledgedly it tells them nothing of real worth. It picks areas that may be of problem, but advises that a specialist comes and checks anyway so the buyer is not really any further forward? The two people I know who have paid for this more thorough survey, have both said they would not pay for it again. I have only had the basic surveys done previously though, so can't comment from my own experience. However one of these did come back and advise me not to buy a new house build in Woking that I was interested in, in 1998. It pointed out a string of poor works carried out by the developer that would come back and be a problem in the future. The guy saved me fortunes in repair works as the developer went bust 6 months after. Top man.
  12. Huntingdonshire Band F now £1963 per annum Gone up 4.1% this year Went up 4.3% last year :angry:
  13. *Bump again*. Deserves a revist this one, with the 'after dark gang'
  14. Well lets go up the North East then....BTL a go go. 5% return, you will have Ajay in a froth over that sort of return. Sibbers, what do you think? Invest oop North then?
  15. Thank god for that D.C, I thought I had woken up in Narnia......
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