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  1. Sounds like theres a lot of foggy thoughts on the tyne...
  2. That EA must have just been gormless Maybe Rinoa was advising them whilst being very busy in the office (as we were told the other day by Rinoa), obviously exactly the type of advice that a desperate seller (after 12 months) wants to hear?? At the very least, the EAs should take the opportunity to get what sales they can through this seasonal increase in deals (as it does most years at this time), before the winter of their discontent settles in.
  3. ....and those that are wanting to be parted from their money
  4. Funny you should say that, as I am in a similar position and have similar thoughts on loyalty to clients etc. I have arguably been also too loyal to the owners of the business I work for. I sense a change coming as well.
  5. Good people will always get work, recession or no recession.
  6. Ok, thats agreed then. Scotland is all his then. See, tonight on this site you have demonstrated democracy at work
  7. Looks like a number of 350-500k properties gone under offer/sstc following easter w/end around the Bury St Edmunds area (circa 10m radius). Be interested to see if they go through or fall through in the next few weeks/months.
  8. So come on, whose going to own up to the review left at Amazon 44 of 45 people found the following review helpful: Superb Advice!, 3 April 2009 By Box Dweller - See all my reviews I bought this book about eighteen months ago, and followed it's advice to the letter. Thanks to the canny investment secrets revealed within, i was able to expand my property portfolio rapidly, safe in the knowledge, as the title maintains, that the boom will kepp on booming! Boy, am i ever glad that i did! Up until recently, i was burdened with a financially comfortable existence, and a nice house in a decent part of town. Now i have the unrivalled opportunity to peruse a different neighbourhood from the comfort of my cardboard porch, watching the sun set over the gutter as my children play with the rats which have replaced the thoroughbred ponies as their favourite pets. Whereas my wife used to lead a dilatory life of ease and leisure, she can now boast of experiencing the satisfaction of the working world - the joy in her eyes as she returns home from a hard night of giving favours to sailors is a treat to behold. At least, i think it's joy - although joy is a little less crusty than that, if i remember. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone. Five Stars. Spare change, anyone? Help other customers find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? Report this | Permalink Comment (1)
  9. Already here, I know of a few companies that asked for this to happen voluntarily from their staff. In each case the majoroty of staff have accepted.
  10. Go on Michael Winner, give Brown both barrells
  11. Just on Newsnight tonight, talking about Wrekin Construction and their gem. Reporter explained what the Ruby looked like to a gem dealer, and he said worth £5k. Ooops Lots of unhappy creditors
  12. Does your other half do that for you often then? She sounds like Amy Winehouse
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