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  1. Ok, so when does euthanasia become morally acceptable in the future and enter the main stream....?
  2. I'll only buy one of those flats if they serve Skinny Mocha Lattes at the Cafes and I must have access to African Fusion restaurants - are these well catered for in that cultural mecca Belmont Road?
  3. .....but big skies!! Cheers Ianbe, nice feedback on Bury.
  4. Following a punt around to see where too live next, Bury St Edmunds looks reasonably favourite. Good transport links, nice town, lovely countryside, looks civilised, Swan at Lavenham isn't far away etc. What do you think? Good, bad or indifferent? Prices up, down or just malingering. Will I regret it or will it be my final move, based on living in my past in places like London, Orkney, Brighton, Norwich, Huntingdon, Kings Lynn, Reading, Windsor and Ely. I only had regrets on Ely as it was way too flat for me and lived there for 6 months!! Let me know
  5. Isn't that because parts of Hampton Hargate are sinking?
  6. Ah, to be fair to the bulls, the guy did say we were better placed than Japan going into this! Thats right, we are well informed based on the Japanese experience. We know it will take 20 years to come out of
  7. Where are the bulls.....news like this from a quality paper like the Daily Express ( ) should have them out in their droves. I'm ready for you.... Maybe they are to busy listening to Oasis and chucking beer over their mates
  8. British jobs for British Workers..... trumpted again. Oh well. I hope my great grandchildren will enjoy paying for this one eyed pricks obsessions I fvcking HATE this poxy govenment :angry: Edit - to emphasise in RED
  9. The internets version of rubber necking?
  10. Daily Express you say... ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Could be worse than Japan?? Gulp Looks like its still
  12. Literal in so far as it is regurgitated sh1t, yes.
  13. I'm gonna need therapy, the trailer for her new show says shes going to get 'down and dirty'.....
  14. Crash - How the Banks Went Bust... Because of geniuses like this... and this.... and him..... oh, and who could forget......
  15. Darling, it better be good on Wednesday or your gonna get it, Punk
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