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  1. Gotta love the sibley....comes in and chucks in the 'dumb ass comment' grenade and heads for the hills...leaving us speechless
  2. Yeah righto. Some mug buys a house for £155k in 2007 and sells on auction for £95k. Well sounds like properties where its all at. Go on mate, get down the wine bar, listen to Oasis and chuck some beer over your mates....suckka
  3. opportunities now.....buy....buy....buy....buy....bye....bye
  4. The guru Boulger of Charcol has spoken.......pr1ck
  5. It would be interesting to hear from HonestEA the spread of properties sold in April. More smaller terraced/flats (cheaper properties) than average or is it across the board - flats, terrace, semis, detached etc?
  6. Come on Sibbers, Hamish, Rinao, Manchester to London, Valerius etc. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and buy this 'bargain'. Even at £175k - what a steal, as you all keep telling us. I am sure the OP will forward on the details of the property to you. Ready to roll, live in it, btl it - it can't go wrong..........can it?
  7. Well heres an irony. Why doesn't housepricecrash.co.uk rent it for a week to hold a conference in? Gotta be worth 3k for that? With all of the publicity, could be good all round (oh, sorry except for Krusty?).
  8. London to Manchester - are you the one in the Motorhead T-Shirt?
  9. Don't you think that each time we have the same political party in for a 2-3rd term, this is when they have had time to work their scams (I know this expenses thing has been going on for years though) or enough time to be caught by a paparazzi with an orange, stockings and a transexual in tow? Maybe whatever happens we should go with one term and then however they are doing, vote them out and put another one in to replace them - hopefully they at least try a bit harder when they first come in? Sensible or just plain silly? Of course our other option is a dictatorship or communism You decide?
  10. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8036634.stm Cher Ching......
  11. Sell in May and go away Isn't that the old adage?
  12. How long ago was it that Fiat needed to be bailed out as they were about to go bust?
  13. In the latest mega Currys planned to compete with Bestbuy (first at J9 in Brum) manufacturers such as Microsoft are sponsoring areas within the store. The staff are MS trained (and supposedley paid for by MS, not 100% on that though?). Looks like the way forward for both the manufacturers to upsell their products and the High St retailers to ensure the stores are invested in to entice you all in.
  14. Still 29874 at 7.31pm, so no one signed in half an hour....C'mon guys!!!
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