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  1. Just built one and I acted as main contractor - came in at £1000 sq m at a good spec. Don't forget those prices per sqm dont tend to allow for services, building regs, legals, NHBC & 3rd party insurance, section 106 etc. For me those costs came in circa £16k. Also I lost about 9 months of my live doing a job whilst chasing subcontractors...

  2. I went through the same exercise a few month ago, and 1500/sqm was the figure I'd settled on. It can be done for less if you manage it like a hawk, all goes well and you don't need any contingency funds - or if you use materials and builders like the mass market builders do. For something you'd actually be happy to say you'd had built, it seemed hard to get much under 1500 without being able to do much of the work yourself, and certainly the project management.

    Don't agree with that £1500/SQM figure unless of course it relates to central London, where all bets are off? My figures are based on building in the South East - builders I am using come from Hertfordshire.

    My build is not in a metropolitan area, but it is complex with a ditch crossing, 80m dig just to supply the services to the site (and that in not cheap by any stretch), accoustic fencing etc. On top of this as I said it is top spec - 30k home automation, 2.5k electric gates, ground source heat pumps etc. That figure still includes £25k of contingency and it is being project managed. Real project, actual figures - not an armchair assumption.

    I think I could have saved money on that price as well by doing more myself (currently not raising a finger apart from writing cheques, which seems endless!!). By buying stuff on ebay, maybe using builders to travel in from cheaper areas etc, I thik I could have probably saved at least £30k off that price. Unfortunately my time did not allow this.

    Building this house has insulated me from at least part of any future hpc, as the total cost will be £400k against an arbitary valuation today of £550-600k (yes, yes, I know that is likely to drop like a stone etc etc :lol: ).

  3. Op numbers re building the 300 sqm house are miles out.

    I bought land on Cambs/Herts border back ed of last year (0.4 acre plot with detailed pp).

    240 sq m house, top spec, cinema room, home automation blah blah blah is going to cost me £240k all in (+ I get my VAT back on that number). So suggest that your family surveyor checks his pricing, because he is miles out.... :blink:

  4. Cashed a big bond with Santandar yesterday and took it out no problem. I was waiting for a load of aggro and lots of reasons why they could not give it to me, but actually it could not have been any easier (still got to wait for the cheque to clear though :ph34r: ).

    However, Lloyds, tried to do the same thing and they told me following the expiry of the bond they reinvested it and it is locked in for another 12 months. 'Didn't you receive the letter?', 'no' etc etc all the pain to follow now trying to get it sorted.

  5. I too have recently changed from bear to neither.

    Since joining this site (only last year, however having been a lurker for a couple before that) I have been a bear. I have had natural bear tedancies after being hit with negative equity both in the late eighties (which cost me a fortune) and then again in the early nighties (didn't learn my lesson the first time) when I then became an accidental BTL.

    In the early naughties (2002) I thought that there was just no way prices could go up any further and we were ready for a downward leg. How wrong I was. I STR'd for a year and in that time prices in the region I lived went up a further £50k! After 2 moves in a year (each let was for six months and each time they wanted to sell after the initial rental contract) I bought again (with a slightly larger mortgage).

    Early last year due to luck (and a potential move of area that did not happen in the end) I sold my main house and my accidental BTL from the early nighties and moved into my holiday home.

    Lovely as it is (and fortunate enough for me to own), I have had enough of living full time in it due to the size with a family (wife, kids, pets etc). I started looking around for a house.

    At the same time the cash that I had (mostly from creating wealth by building and selling businesses I may add) was under threat from all this qe, risk of inflation etc. And no, I did not look at putting it into gold or any other type of asset wealth because it just did not sit right with me. Maybe because it was the fruit of a decades hard work in my mind (and let me emphasise my mind - hindsight is a wonderful thing and I know gold would have been a great investment), putting it into something like that when I had a family to house was just not worth it.

    I looked around at a number of houses (September and October when VI ramping was rife) and they were just so overpriced for what they were it was unbelievable. As I said I have natural bear outlook tendancies remember.

    I have now bought a plot of land with dpp and am currently going through the (painful) process of organising the build. I have justified this to myself on the basis that 33% of the end value which would be 'profit' will insulate against any further drops. Also to be fair that mortgage will only be a third of the eventual current value so I could take a 60% drop without pain (apart from interest rates of course going up!!) of negative equity.

    The plain truth is that no one really knows how this will play out, as no one really knows how desperate the ruling class could get to ensure assets like houses keep their value (and lets be fair they have shown their hand on that one). The one thing that is sure is that no government (by choice) will allow their banks to fail (by wiping out the value of their asset liabilities), otherwise they will get the CGNAO scenario.

    I am not trying to boast via posting this in regards my personal situation, just putting across my reasons and why I am spending my hard earned whilst every fibre of my body thinks that prices 'should' go down.

    Prices in a fair world should go down in 'real' terms. I have children that will need to live in accomodation and as such I would like them to have the option of owning their own property if they so wish. At the moment, I just don't see how that will happen.

    I despair.

  6. I wouldn't quibble with £15. Though I reckon a first stop at the COE parish finder software might have told you the same for nowt. What I find objectionable is solicitors pushing £150 or insurance without giving enough information to make an informed decision.

    Information asymmetry is the con artists best friend.

    True, but I didn't know about the parish finder software. I only found out about Chancel surveys following the purchase of property and the conveyancer bringing it to my attention and selling it to me. And yes, I think I did get screwed for the £150 or whatever it was!! :lol:

    I came across the Geodesys site because I was searching for drains and water mains layouts for a self build site and saw the Chancel survey as an option. Remembering that it cost a lot more than the £15 Geodesys wanted, I thought stuff it, I will save the £135 that a solicitor would be charging for the survey.

    I guess the beauty of a forum such as this is that the debate and subsequent information gathering brings knowledge to its users, on topics that most people would just not be bothered to research.

  7. Chancel

    The above link has a report that says

    ''3.5 million acres of land in England and Wales, and the homes, schools, hospitals and factories built on it, are now thought to be potentially at risk from this archaic law'

    ''But, according to Francis, 35 per cent of parishes are at risk, and, of all the full searches Chancel Check has carried out 14 per cent have been found to be on liable land''

    **To be fair Francis has a VI when making the above comment**

    ''Some believe the risk is being exaggerated by those with a vested interest. Francis, naturally, disagrees, pointing out that the PCC would have dropped the case when the Wallbanks won at appeal if they weren't interested in setting a precedent.

    "We're aware of eight dioceses that have instructed the PCCs to look into it," says Francis. "Members of the PCCs actually have a duty to find these funds, or they could become potentially personally liable."

    Under the Land Registration Act 2002 the church has until 30 September 2013 to hunt down and register chancel repair liabilities at the Land Registry.

    The good news is that if they are not registered by then, and the property changes hands, any liabilities will become unenforceable.

    Current owners will, however, remain liable, though Nick Francis believes that the likelihood of being targeted after this date will decrease.

    There are an estimated 5,200 churches in England and Wales that could benefit from funds raised from chancel repair liability, so over the next six years we can expect a flurry of activity from the PCCs''

    I guess you takes your money, you makes your choice. I did it on the basis of where the land was. However guess what, I am no expert. As the report showed I was at no risk so you could say I am a sucker? However, I will take that for the sake of £15 and what could have been (whatecer the odds ;) ).

  8. The simple fact of running the shop means that internet based sellers will always be cheaper.However DSG has a huge advantage over the wannabe web sites in that its huge sales volumes means they can negotiate deeper discounts and undercut anyone else. The stores need to be redefined from sales outlets to galleries because we all know that people go in and eyeball then buy from the web. These galleries will showcase manufacturers products and will have all running costs paid for by the manufacturers. Any product sold will be at internet prices. A manufacturer may decide not to showcase his products, which means internet sales only. In effect the stores become permanent trade fairs. The staff in these stores are important to some people who will go in seeking advice. They will advise on the products sponsored for in store display only, just as say a mortgage consultant will only advise on those mortgages which pay commission. There is huge advantage in being the operator of these display stores. So long as people know they are getting the cheapest on line deal, it will generate web traffic, so called 'mind space'. I do not think the many high street stores have a future. People will have to travel to the nearest city where these mega displays will operate. Size is important since people want to compare 50 TV sets. The manufacturers will buy in once they see increased sales are covering their outlay to the display operators.

    Bob on...Hence the fact at the Currys Megastores (J9, Croyden etc) people like Microsoft are paying for space and staff to showcase thier products. It is the way forward for these retaillers, especially those that are competing with the internet.

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