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  1. In Switzerland there are limits to what a property owner can make from a property. I sublet to someone else there and the rent in registered with the authorities my contract had rent rise limits of 1.3% above inflation The deposits can be 3 months plus 1 months rent (over 9000 chf on my first place) There are many private landlords but there are also professional companies renting, this is the way I did it. If you buy there no one pays off their mortgage because this attracts additional tax
  2. Some thoughts: It may be a tax on foreigners. If memory serves about 20% of the Swiss population is foreign and therefore I guess would not be eligable for said money. It takes 10 years to become Swiss and you need to pass a citizen test. Even if your kids are born in Switzerland they are not automatically Swiss. In Switzerland politics is taken seriously and very slowly referenda for everything etc. etc. As a Middle Eastern Shahk or Russian Oligark, I would be wondering who is paying for this and what the weather and flight time to the Camain islands is Apologies for the spelling
  3. Where am I now: In 1998 my best mate bought a house, I went to a Russell Group Uni (late) By 2002 I had secured a successful career path and I have survived all the mergers and redundancies of the Engineering industry Always not quite enough money to buy even with 20% and 30% regular pay rises, meanwhile my best mate was paying off his mortgage quickly. 2004 moved in with ex-bankers ex-wife with a very small mortgage. She was getting a lot (2k/month I think) of money from the Government prior to me moving in for being low paid and three kids. Where asset values and 30k p.a plus in child maintenance is not assessed as “wealth”, insane. I moved in, it effectively cost her 1k a month as my wage was assessed. Checked out of the whole housing issue but started to get jumpy about the kids affording and was starting think about “investments” for them. Repeatedly I recall saying “but someone has to pay the money back eventually” and “I don’t get it this is crazy” 2007 I started with HPC, after seeing an interview on the TV. Now single realized I was well off the mark as I was not financially in a good place, but I was debt free with 3k in my pocket 2007 and recall chatting to a lady just about to upsize. She described how she would really have to tighten the belt to pay the mortgage I said “I think house prices are about to come down a bit” this turned out to be an understatement on my part 2009 managed to get out of UK and move to Switzerland riding some of the exchange rate benefit. I thought three years and the crash would be over and prices would be “normal-ish” I could come in a buy something with about 50-60% mortgage and be roughly where my best mate was Now its 2013, I have saved quite a good deposit and the craziness has started again, I could come back but I think the UK has lost its way. I did not save hard just my Bonuses and 13th Month I have a good life in Switzerland. Living here has given me perspective and I know it is pointless to try and return to the UK. My money is mostly in Shares and I am starting to get nervous as things seem to be changing, but I feel I would rather get robbed by the market than the banks and government in savings My best mate has a good business and has upsized massively, he knows he taking some risks, but has his wife’s parents will back him if TSHTF. He’s worked hard and been lucky; I think I worked hard and have been unlucky I am getting older I am starting to need roots more than a fair price, I cannot wait forever. I am moving to Sydney next month I have looked at property prices, they are high but I can get 3.5/4x income, just I will have to wait 2 years let’s hope they are in my favour I am being told it’s a bubble too but it looks better value than the UK
  4. In Zurich these comunal dumps are burred in the pavement and look really good just a silver shoot. A vehicle comes once a week and empties them. Expensive but effective
  5. Just seen this add today and I doubted the three week claim. So i installed property Bee (excellent) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=POSTCODE^202153&insId=1&radius=3.0&index=280 * * * * * * * * * * SOLD BY REEDS RAINS, LEAMINGTON SPA IN JUST 3 WEEKS! - MORE PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED. FOR A FREE VALUATION, CALL 01926 311 431! * * * * * * * * * * * * A LARGE DUPLEX APARTMENT IN STUNNING CHARACTER BUILDING BOASTING AN ENVIABLE SETTING RIGHT ON THE GRAND UNION CANA.. Property Bee says first listed 28th Jul 2010 What are they trying to achieve by advertising sold buildings in the for sale section, any ideas? Lets see what they write back
  6. About time too. In Switzerland where i live deposits are kept in special account which a signature from the tenant and the landlord can release the money or you can just buy insurance and have no deposit at all. Plus a whole independent ombudsman to deal with fairness on relatively minor issues The six month short hold tenancy agreement contract is a farce in England
  7. Good pay, safe, clean and low tax. Housing is is just as stupidly over inflated and rent demand is high in Zurich But the long term rental system is very good Works for me :-)
  8. Only is you dont have flowers and a buffet :-) Funeral VAT liability: Selling coffins, urns, shrouds or embalming fluid Standard-rated (unless provided by an undertaker as part of a funeral package – see paragraph 3.1) Flowers, wreaths, announcement cards and other commemorative items Standard-rated Newspaper announcements Standard-rated Hire of hearse with driver from one undertaker to another Exempt Hire of limousine with driver from one undertaker to another for the transport of mourners as part of the funeral Exempt Hire of vehicle with driver to an undertaker by someone who is not an undertaker Standard-rated The hire of a hearse or limousine without a driver Standard-rated Catering Standard-rated (see Notice 709/3 Hotels and holiday accommodation) Fees payable to Registrars for certified copies of death certificates Outside the scope of VAT Fees payable to churches for ministers' services Outside the scope of VAT Orders of service for use in funeral commemorative services Zero-rated (see Notice 701/10 Printed and similar matter) Agency services Standard-rated Services aimed at checking customer satisfaction Standard-rated
  9. Read all the student posts it seems sad they cant see beyond there current debt crisis to focus on the next one. Hey housing might be affordable (if they can get a job) by the time they want to buy a home. I have been talking to my teenage step siblings, apparently the schools are not encouraging kids to go to Uni any more. My friends teenage child wants to be a Hairdresser, this will probably end up being economically more viable then being a scientist
  10. My 17 yo Step brother works part time for the local council leisure centre putting out crsh mats etc. (not even life guard) completly unskilled. £7 / hour I couldn't believe it I thought it would be minimum wage.
  11. Plus maintenance from husband to wife is not a taxable income so is not included in the calc. I know first hand One of my exes had 3 kids a part ime job, 80% equity house and 30k pa plus in maintenance. Her income was more that mine with all the bolt ons. When I went to live with her it cost her nearly a grand a month in lost benefit due to my wage being a accountable income. Absolute F-ing madness that one women could claim so much she didn't need. She was a bit embarissed but somehow managed to live with the guilt
  12. Kurt do you know which plants are on outage and which have overrun their Service outage period?
  13. Looks like your right looks like the traders run the plants not the engineers, is this explained in the Spark and Dark spreads?
  14. I dont think they do Generation is a specialist subject and I think Drax is a special case station (last time I looked) 'cos it is or at least was the only generator with no retail arm like EON or EDF
  15. ON a slightly lighter note I noticed that the two boats running turbine blades from the Ilse of White were called BLADE RUNNER1 and BLADE RUNNER 2
  16. This is how every station in the UK is run. It is a question of the MW values involved
  17. I am sure the founders of the CEGB already are spinning Kurt any ideas on why tidal turbines are not of interest?
  18. Whilst no one knows what the wind speed will be like in 3 weeks time it is quite predictablein the short term. True any this is why you need a decent standard installed base. 660MW Units are designed for two modes Base Load this is there most efficient working level and tend to only work at this load And the other type is peak load or response load to ramp up for demand. This is what you refer to. The Power companys are insetivied to use this in trading slots (Pays Really well so the fuel equation is not important). I you ran Drax and the traders rang you up ever hour to change the load you would know the thermal and physical stresses will reduce your unit in service period, you would not be amussed. GTs and hydros (less so) are generally used to flex as they are better designed for this. My point is if there is a large pressure zone smack over the UK there is little wind and there for the old school of big units do all the work. Dont get me wron wind is part of the future just not the whole future. We have to have a diverse mix
  19. It is no secret the power industry in the UK has been hopelessly missmanaged for about 12 years. Lack of clear policy has let us to a point of black outs in circa 2015 according to projections I have seen. CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestation) uses from start to finish double the fuel requirement per current coal MWH. This is if you include fuel to dig and and transport the extra coal to required to capture the CO2 and pump it under the sea. What I dont understand is why the choice for CCS (An only partiallyt proven technology) and the conclusion a come to is. The owners of the oil well (UK Gov?) can charge to store it and CO2 is used to push the last of the oild from a well (proven). So my thought is it is a new governent revenue stream and all the building and infrastructure creates jobs Coal is the most secure fuel source in the entire world (non green) this stops wars and riots Coal steam stations work better than Nukes due to the steam temperatures which can be achieved, leading to longer time between service outages and additional security of supply I dont understand why we are going for wind turbines. There is no real droop response and only really follow the grid freq. Wind is not predictable ask Micheal Fish UK is an island with some of the strongest most predictable tidal races in the whole world, will the government put more money into this tech no, why I am not sure. This could even contribute to reduced tidel errosion The only hope for the lights staying on is the two addtional HVDC interconnectors to Ireland and Norway (I think) in addition to the one to France. Personally I support the Nukes but it's probably too late. A known technology for one more round before we move into a completely diversified portfolio of generation (Hydro, Nuke, Coal, Wind, Tidal What about retro fitting the Thames barrier with some test generation AND thats all before we talk about the fact the Grid itself is in need of significant upgrade to cope with any generation changes. The grid is complex and old this may be the weak link no one thinks about Remember Power companies are not interested in generation they are interested in profit per MW. Black out are just bad press Lucky the is no manufacturing in the UK it uses loads of electric
  20. Yes just got out of university hospital zurich (apparently a bad hospital, i disagreed) today. I got good food, good nursing and medical staff a CT scan at 3 hours notice and a Physiotherapist, not bad for 3.5 days. Plus it was CLEAN I mean CLEAN
  21. Done it, moved to Switzerland. Nicer, politer, safer, better weather, best standard of living, low tax, A multicultural society (21% foreign) that seems to work, stable currency Still cant buy here but can save for something in the UK, France or Germany, not investment to live
  22. Poor private sector companies eventually go out of business, breading efficiency through natural selection. Poor public sector departments just get changed taking must of the non productive people, culture and managment with them.
  23. Move to another country LEDs arent going to help in the UKs once the LCPD hits http://www.eon-uk.com/generation/lcpd.aspx prices will start to rocket. Due to the no proper energy policy for the last ten years.
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