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  1. This on the day I find out my six year old / 63000 mile vectra is effectively written off due to water contamination in the automatic gearbox. Apparantly a design flaw and common fault according to most garages ive spoken to. Repair bill 2.5k all in, at least. Value now, maybe £500, value when fixed, maybe 2k on a good day. Where the ****** is my bail out mandleson you ****
  2. aint this known as 'sweating the assets' Making the workers increase productivity is not a new idea imo. Recovereh is on the way though. As for dossing about during work time, plenty of jobs for that! I should know, those are the only jobs i will do.
  3. it could be real......dont forget, some people are really, really fookin thick, and simple. If its real then it's someone MEW'ed upto the eyeballs.
  4. The majority of those idiots on the MSE 'bankrupcy and getting away living with it' board are fools from what I see They sure don't like to be critisised either
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