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  1. Eileen passed comment on the taking out of a loan for the deposit, saying 'this is how the credit crunch started'.
  2. Midweek eating out is a cheap affair- esp if you dont mind places like zizzis, slug and iguanas. They are all offering bogof meals on weekdays, along with any savvy chains at the moment.
  3. Oh yes! I've noticed this in the last week too. I have had two agents call as the property that 'had sold' is now on the market again as the buyer's circumstances had changed. I asked what the purchase price was. I was then told that it didnt actually complete, so I said 'so it didn't sell then'. I was then told 'yes it did, but the circumstances have changed'. I asked if the asking price had changed. It hadn't. It is over my budget and I was asked if I could 'stretch a bit'. She didn't understand what I meant by waiting for the price to come to me. In my area (north Hampshire) I hadn't noticed any real falls at all and was beginning to get a bit disheartened. However, this week in itself has me totally convinced that there is only one way that this will go. I reckon a pinch of an interest rate rise, mixed with a sprinkling of unemployment and topped with just a sneeze of swine flu will help us all achieve what we are after (unless your name is Sibley, Hamish, etc.)
  4. Port Solent is built on reclaimed land and has those pretty little twirly posts for the emission of gases beneath, coupled with a nice view of a rubbish tip. Not my cup of tea!
  5. If you have already resigned yourself to not seeing your money again, why not suggest that she markets the property at a price where you take the hit? She could be unwilling to price realistically as that would leave her unable to repay the family that lent her the money.
  6. I wish some people on here could recognise that 20% off each year over 5 years does not equal £0.
  7. We have bought and sold over the last 15 years and the current situation really surprises me. In 1996, when looking for a house, we had daily contact via phone and mail from most agents. We actually developed some good relationships with a few of them. However, when we needed to buy again in 2002, the shoe was most certainly on the other foot. I was doing all the running. In fact, when I requested that I be contacted as soon as anything new beame available, I was told by one agent "Sorry- we are far too busy for that- you will have to call us". Needless to say, we had no further dealings with them. Having STR'ed in September 2007 we are now looking for a realistically priced house. I have registered interest and stated our proceedable position with most agents in the area. I have clearly told them that we are in no rush to move as we are happy to wait for further price falls, but would definitely buy if the right house (at the right price) became available. If I were an EA I would be ringing me all the time! The only contact I seem to have is from the agents that I remember dealing with in 1996. Even my junk email address isn't being bombarded. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  8. When I clicked that link, I thought I was going to see Same Difference. They went to that schooltoo so I hear. I went to Horndean.
  9. I remember that murder case- we used to go to that pub during lunch breaks from college. Pearsons are the busiest agents in terms of re-listing week after week-I reckon they know about the bee! At least they're trying, but perhaps they should try lowering the prices!
  10. Wecock Farm- you know, all the bird road names off Eagle Avenue.
  11. On the market at less then £155k now. In the future, many families won't have a choice but to live in Wecock.
  12. Put in an even higher offer yourself. Drag your feet and hopefully the other buyer will walk away. Pull out and allow your niece to offer again. At an adjusted price of course
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