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  1. Estate agents are scum and should all be bankrupt. But no .. no... They are still going because people have been jumping on the band wagon as usual and buying X rated prices. If one closes in my area im going to wait outside with rotten eggs and pound them when they walk out holding boxes. Death to estate agents.......!!!!
  2. No sympathy from me love. Tax payers like myself will end up paying for your mess. You ask me and you and your OH should be sent to prison.
  3. No way your on your own. Im in the exact same possition. Im trying to stirr things up by putting extremely low offers in. £50,000 lower.
  4. Yeah sounds great!! i wouldnt mind biting her on the neck.
  5. Yes exactly what we need. How anything is moving on the uk house market i have no idea. People must be right up to the scalp in debt big time.
  6. Anyone got any other suggestions on how we can terrorise our estate agents? Sometimes i feel like getting a tin of spray paint and writing ROBBING BA#####S on the windows. I will love it when they start to go under. I shall be waiting outside giving a round of aplause and some profanities to go with it. In my area estate agents have put up prices to compansate lower offers. Are these divvys in reality..
  7. Hi I have been making realy low offers on houses to try and stirr up some bother in my area. Im hoping its going to make home owners even more worried about what a home is worth and make estate agents think twice about what they value homes at. If a home is on the market for 150,000 ive been making offers for 100,000 or even 80,000. Hey it seems to stirr up some bother alright. Im just wondering what the consequances would be if everybody did it. Through the whole country.
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