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  1. BUMP .... for Dadddy Bears excellent thread The original question is on page 1 , of course.
  2. HPC taught me that even serious and “unbiased†newspapers like the Times have VI writing for them . How naïve was I ?!!! Without HPC I wd have thought the market bottomed and rushed to buy 3 months ago. Theres a lot of “market has bottomed†talk in last few months , it takes a strong does of this website to remind me to hold my nerve another 18 months Hope my message clear , despite bad typing and mix of humor with serious. Waiting to upgrade to a bigger home , also in Sussex Thanks and Best wishes to you all . Martin
  3. will this be happening this year? Im in Sussex & family in Bristol
  4. IMHO many vendors withdrew their house frm the market in 2008 , or "not yet for sale" ......waiting for "things to get better" . This makes a shortage right now, fr the few people NOW iniquiring to buy . So right now we have interesting situ, of shortages of houses fr sale , to meet the recent new demand. When the vendors, who withdrew frm the market, dump thier house back up fr sale, later in 2009 , there will be too many fr sale. ie falling prices agin later in 2009 . sorry fr typos. Anyone agree ? Disagreee? Id be glad to see your comments Best to all M
  5. IMHO many vendors have withdrawn their house frm hte market waiting for "things to get better" . This makes a shortage, fr the few peopel now iniquiring re buying , in this months dead cat bounce. So we now we have interesting situ of possible shortages of houses fr sale , to meet recent new demand. When the vendors, who withdrew frm the market, dump thier house back up fr sale, we shd have too many fr sale. sorry fr typos. Anyone agree ? Disagreee? Comment ? Best to all Martin
  6. Grizzly this cd be VERY interresting./ Is there a link or name of website where we can see these derivatives ?
  7. Sybil youre a voice of sanity amongst a sea of rhetoric and VI garbage M
  8. Harry ! i googled fiona lulu . here is someone of that name ( hope pics load ok!) No offence mate
  9. Harry , do you really have insider info from fiona etc?Or did Sibley tell you ? SIBLEY SIBLEY WHERE ART THOU
  10. WellPower , Namaste, Sybil thanks for replying. I put 'nationwide' into HPC search engine and saw nothing. Thursday it is then . I thought quarter end was March 23 ? But Im just dim
  11. Where are latest Nationwide BSoc monthly figures ? Theyre usualy 28th monthly , but due to weeknd i thought they were published today. Lazy gits! :angry: Has this been covered elsewhere on HPC ? Not that i can see? I cant be only one wondering . A rare moment of grumpiness
  12. Any more comments welcome , please Which comes first , which comes last? Stock market bottoms out. Unemployment bottoms out. House prices bottom out. Ive seen DIFFERING views whether house prices come 1st , or last , in the above list ? Also. can anyone advise adress of website etc giving REAL SIMPLE forecast where USD might be, against GBP in 3 or 6 months etc ? Will 1GBP be 1.1USD or 1.7USD etc ? I import export electronics , in USD .Also my Asian clients compare my GBP prices to my USA rival.
  13. BUMP Bulls , take note of false dawns in 1991 etc etc !
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