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  1. Can anyone out there produce any figures on the cost of housing benefit? for example if the maximum payment per week for housing was reduced to £400 per week (still ridiculously high) what would the total saving be on the yearly annual housing benefit budget be? how many claimants would be affected? as an afterthought, does anybody feel that we on this site are doing the governments thinking for them?
  2. I,ll go for a drastic crash in the BTL market, the alternative is a gradual reduction in my take home wages to sudsidise this nonsense.
  3. I agree with some of what you say, yes it has been idiotic giving a hidden subsidy to the BTL market , but thats no reason to continue doing so,surely its more logical to make some drastic savings , and use that saving to pay down this marxist governments unsustainable debt , or failing that put this money to a more productive part of the economy eg manufacturing. what will drive us into a depression is raising taxes for " hard working families"
  4. My first post here, i noted from the budget (sorry no references) that the government will be reducing the maximum housing benefit from £1800 per week to approx £1000 per week. I think this is still ludicrously high, anyone else agree? what should the maximum be?
  5. time will tell i suppose, im of the school of thought that thinks were tracking the great deppresion, if im correct ,shares went on to tumble a further 75% . ive tried long term shorts with the bookmakers....cant find anything there, does anyone have anything positive to add?
  6. hi, this is my first post. Can anyone tell me how to short the ftse index? i,d like to do this over a year period, whats a way to do it with the least possible risk and the highest possible return, i accept i may lose all the money i put in. i seriously believe there will be a w shaped reccesion. many thanks
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