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  1. Not sure he got banned more like fed up dealing with all the bears that wished they had the balls to buy a house back in 2000 and now realise they have missed the boat and so go on about house price falls as this is the only way they believe they could afford a property. Why don't they save up like other hardworking people I ask.
  2. Really not what I am hearing. A bumper year for sales. Not all doom and gloom as most on here would like you to believe.
  3. Surely if depts have been merged then managers would have gone. You don't need two managers to manage one department ( although this is the NHS). Probably find managers have gone just that staff on the lower end tend not to realise as they weren't doing anything so aren't missed!!
  4. Probably down becasue of the 6 hours Sunday trading rule. People seem to forget this. Also in London we had a tube strike! It will pick up today and tomrrow so nothing to worry yourself about!!
  5. That one in surbiton is interesting as it sold last August at auction for £251k. Needed a lot of work , possibly £100k . Still sitting on a £100k profit though. And before everyone say's it won't sell- it will as it is in a river road and they are sought after. Recon it will go for c£450k.
  6. The reason they can't say it is because it won't happen. I keep saying it on these boards you HPC'ers are not going to get falls of 30-40%
  7. Yes I would imagine that he sold back in 2003 and now realises that he cannot aford to buy the same type of property that he had then. Ah well you live and learn.
  8. No problems House prices to end the year flat to up 2% on a YOY basis. 2011-12 flat to small rise 2% ish at most . However inflation running at 5% will mean a real reduction in House prices and therefore see them fall 10% in real terms. By end of 2012 will be In line then with the long term trend and representing good value. However this is the bit that you Bears don't get "THEY WILL NOT FALL A FURTHER 40-50-60%" in nominal or real terms.
  9. Not sure how you can get transactions traded at the margins when they are a lot higher than a year or even two years ago. The only way we will get to 3.5x ish is a high level of wage inflation. Possible, although I think unlikely given government cutbacks. Also the 3.5x ish that you bears go on about takes no account of interest rates which are at 0.5% and likely to stay so for a few years yet!
  10. What a load of rubbish. When will you bears realise house's are not going to fall 40-50%. Notice that your 2009 Christmas predications seem to be coming good Especially the HPC fall of between 15-20%. As houses are up between 5-10% do you think you got the sign round the wrong way
  11. Absolutely We are not going to get the 20/30/40% falls that people on here like to dream about. The price that they are selling for now is the price that they will stay for a couple of years. Of course inflation will take its effect so that the real price will drop by some 10-15% over the next few years. This will then bring them below the long run average and represent good value. However if you are expeciting the price you actually pay for a house to be lower in a few years time you will be very disappointed.
  12. Well last years was a drop of 2.2% so anything less than this will see an increase in the YOY. My prediction will be if it is negative the bears will jump on this and say it is the best messure. If it is postive they will say it is only asking prices and not worth anything. Can not have it both ways though.
  13. So looks like you will be renting for another 15 years then, when the next crash will happen. Certainly not something i would do.
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