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  1. i was addressing the situation as it is.Not as we might like it to be,because we know it won't ever be that way.
  2. As a country we need to get our priorities right.Do we (A) preserve the countryside as it is for those who already have nice homes and lots of dosh to admire,or B. Provide land for houses so that everyone can have a decent home at an affordable price?
  3. I'm not sure that I qualify as a Labour supporter.I have voted Labour but also for other parties,Labour more often though.My reaction is this : The Tories are all hot air.They talk a good game but their policies have only succeeded in deepening the crisis.When people are in need of money their main priority has been bombing Gaddafi with one hand and showering other third world dictators with cash with the other.. Cameron is a useless tosspot.Ditto Clegg Ditto Miliband.I have never known such a lightweight array of party leaders.
  4. And that's the relevant figure,house prices are 30% lower in real terms from the peak.I have just agreed on a four bed detached with three quarters of an acre and a separate annex that yields £10k a year as a holiday let.The previous figure it was sold for was £575k and I have paid £425k.The previous buyer also built a 4 car detached garage.Personally I think that is a cheap house when the letting pays the interest on £250k of it.
  5. This thread could be subtitled "Or an annual salary equivalent to one and a half day's pay for W.Rooney".
  6. I recall a (very) long dinner with a french family that ran to about seven courses over as many hours.my understanding about doubled in that time.i think that being thrown in the deep end like that is an excellent way to learn.
  7. She tried to play the game complicated and came unstuck.An innocent abroad,don't they have anybody better than that?
  8. I have just bought two semis because I was uneasy with the cash sitting in the bank.Had £111 k offer accepted onone that had just been reduced from £139,950 to £129,950.The second was on at £149,995 and reduced to £144,995 they took £125k.I don't see them getting any cheaper with inflation at 5%.
  9. I sold a 5bed farmhouse in July 2010 and have just bought modestly.A semi detached on the market for £129,995.I got it at £111k .Just had a 125k bid accepted on another on at £149,950.I dare not leave the money in the bank how thiongs are looking.
  10. And that is quite likely just as common as the rich boomer/poor kid example.
  11. He has bravely decided that some kids who stole such items as bottled water should be sent down to learn how to steal properly. A Tory councillor in my town who put the boot in on a police inspector after being stopped for drunk driving was fined £800.You couldn't make it up.
  12. A flurry of sold boards around here.Of course I don't know what the figures are but it looks like the busiest yet in 2011.
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