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  1. have they changed the measure they are using for avg price? east lothian figures don't make sense: from 1st quarter 2005 report: 2005 £s 176004 2004 £s 164691 Percentage Change(%) 6.87 from 4th quarter 2005 report: 2005 £s/vol 157837 2004 £s/vol 142920 Percentage change/vol 10.44 or maybe i am just slow today?
  2. well, that's all they would like us to do.
  3. Same up here; many frankly unexceptional properties which were selling like hotcakes before now stuck at pretty unrealistic prices, moving to fixed price or even new lower price. Suspect one or two small developers may get their fingers burnt with cashflow problems - paid a lot for any plot within vague commuting of edinburgh, now can't shift. This ones been on the market for yonks and yonks: http://www.bspc.co.uk/detailsnew.asp?pRef=4683 - quite nice but too big an ask imho for a house beside busy main road, no extra land etc etc; would perhaps appeal to city type not convinced by a move to
  4. when you consider what a ******** msp's can make when left to their own devices - eg holyrood - just imagine what can happen when they join forces with local government....
  5. bit off-topic, but I won't be holding my breath for the waverley line to appear anytime soon (trainline from edinburgh to central borders for those who don't know). Although personally in favour myself, I know one or two folk quite close to it who say planning to date an unmitigated disaster and costs spiralling+++. Expect commuter line to gorebridge and a big park and ride for the rest of us...! 'course that doesn't mean to say local EA's won't use the porposed line as an excuse to ramp prices up
  6. hi ScottishToeRag, i'm wondering if you are scottish borders or D+G based? Borders myself. Housing just looks ridiculously unsustainable in central borders at moment - almost as ridiculous as the esatate agents ever lengthening definition of what is "within easy commuting distance of edinburgh" - north northumberland anyone?
  7. Same applies Edinburgh & Borders - a lot of the properties we were idly tracking have been removed - fairly certain not sold - expect to see them pop up again in new yr. Wouldn't appreciate viewers coming round my house christmas day myself...
  8. I guess this is what we would expect - real story in edinburgh is accumulation of unsold property and it will be very interesting to see what happens to the plethora of 2 bedroom flats flung up in recent years all over the city. As elsewhere there will always be a wealthy few prepared to pay over the odds for genuine quality properties. I've noticed increasing numbers of porsche cayennes kicking around so the rich and crass are obviously still splashing the cash. Interesting to see stirling down by 15% - and interesting to see espc portraying this as good news for ftbs - no mention of bad ne
  9. agree - have you tried emailing them? ...of course property prices have never dropped in edinburgh so there will be nothing to hide...
  10. live in scotland, but family and friends still back in N.Ire, mainly north down. still seems to be in the midst of bubble frenzy from what I can tell. Don't think NI got too burnt last time round, so nobody seems to be asking any questions about underlying fundamentals of N Ire prosperity/property boom. Can't see where the money coming from myself. Friends getting into investing into BTL even though have never had savings or ISA's etc...
  11. Found this masquerading as news in Scotland on Sunday (The Scotsman sunday edition paper): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Home sales hit by G8 violence fear JEREMY WATSON jwatson@scotlandonsunday.com WHETHER it makes poverty history is yet to be seen, but one unexpected outcome of the G8 summit of world leaders at Gleneagles last month was its effect on the Edinburgh housing market. Estate agents have reported a "huge drop" in homes offered for viewing around the time of three-day meeting and in visits by potential buyers
  12. predictably however the article goes on to quote 'experts' who tell us that overall the market is ' buoyant and healthy'... no need to ask whose these experts are... :angry: ...thanks for the sterling work - finally convinced me to post. live in borders, and probably to buy there - but just as mad prices as edinburgh now - especially considering we have one of lowest mainland average wages; and if I see one more property 45 miles away from ed down single track roads etc described as easily commutable...!
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