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  1. Lets see what happens if he signs a book deal and gets an offer for the movie rights
  2. Not enough sales always starts that sinking feeling, shame they didnt' accrue more during the boom times
  3. next time tell them your chipping in to get a hitman working his way through the bankers of this land
  4. couldn't you have put in " is it a bear trap " answer for all those who are jumping ship If the system was somehow re-set ( nope I don't believe it can be ) and went higher than 2007 peak then this could be considered a bear trap.
  5. My concerns were for anybody with over the £35k threshold.... would they have lost anything above that... lost permanently ? That was the point I raised and still don't seem to have a proper answer. If a bank with peoples savings , had been allowed to fail. Would their cash have vanished, never to be seen again ?
  6. Yeah for some this maybe the case, but when I start taking figures from an anonymous online survey as fact, then I might as well believe everything
  7. I suspose the domino effect for anybody with savings over the threshold spreading to the other banks at the speed of light. It would appear from the number of posters saying "let the banks fail & anybody with too much cash in their account can swivel" that they have very little money saved and are probably in debt up to their eyeballs. thanks
  8. Ok then, so there are some people saying here, that banks left to fail would have wiped people out ( assuming over the threshold) and that would have been a good thing ?
  9. Ok thanks, would that have meant that everybodies savings would have been protected in full ?
  10. What would have happened to peoples savings had a high street bank been allowed to go bust ?
  11. Well fwiw , at least he didn't decide to sit on the fence and feel free to spam us with walls of text explaining not very much. Sit on the fence all you neithers and just wait until you see which way the wind blows before deciding which ship to sail on
  12. Considering that most countries interest rates came down together, imho they will rise together in the hope of not shocking the system. As to when , nobody knows, it's all guesswork and not worth worrying about at the moment
  13. The welfare state in its current form needs dismantling. Child benefit... for 1 child only It's a safety net and not a hammock. Why do we pay the feckless to breed more ? It's not as if contraception isn't free
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