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  1. BBC daytime is getting extra cash but has announced none of it will go on property shows, as reported in Broadcast on the 4th march! Slowly sense returns ? some hope !
  2. Are we saying that the great empresario of Bergerac and latterly Midsomer fame cannot cook stew or that in some strange cannabalistic way he would be inferoir fodder ? A bit stringy maybe but worth a chomp !
  3. Spot on D W Sheeple, you are one of the first people I have seen who realises that cheap credit has gone and not been temporarily w/drawn. as an aside, can anyone put a date to the economist headline "the end of cheap money " , I saw this I think about 3 1/2 yrs ago (I think)
  4. Personally, isnt it the case that an outgoing govt is flinging what ever s*** it can to deflect scrutiny of its appaling record and achievments! If the BBC, oh sorry the labour party, are so interested in tax avoidance why dont they ask Mr B Lair about the windrush arrangements!! Now thats blatant!
  5. Do you think he could run a seminar for british moneygrabbers, I mean politicians!
  6. cliked on link eeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'll lick yours if you lick mine !
  7. Hi, dont know about the prices in Newcastle but I agree with the other poster that it sounds a bit high, just take your time and view lots to get an idea of what youre getting for your money, remember that its your money and no one is doing you a favour its business. As a foot note one beds arent the easiest to resale (2 beds are) because of the dreaded BTL vultures (one parent/starter families. good luck to you and your Gf .
  8. just been for drinkees with friends who work on the supply side of supermkts and they said that the big guys have got stacks of booze left, even at pub destroying prices they cant get rid of!
  9. in another thread in the last few days another poster recorded that countrywide sold only 9 from 35 at auction, he/she had also recorded their original or last sale value, that was very illuminating. I cant remember the thread someone else might tho!
  10. Should of gone to Bristol Cabot circus; quiet no queue and discounts all round!
  11. Colin I've got to agree with you the local wage in Bristol is pants. May be that our influx of londoners is keeping the prices up as there are'nt many jobs(check BEPost) and most of those are in the 11-15k region, baffling. Perhaps our mortgage arrangers are still being Ahem "imaginative"
  12. you are in good company with your view, Warren Buffet does not beleive in the value of gold as it cannot be eaten and has little utilitarian value in industry least semi conductors. You are also right in that there are much better things to spend money on, years before the current crash I was working in London and (Harrow) and using a local pub every night, the land lord actually asked us how we could afford to come in every night as his locals only came in for 2-3 days around pay day. If that's the price of "life" in London why bother!
  13. How is it some groups arrive on land, put in roads water and stay put with the consent of the council and others who as these guys attempt it legally are denied ?
  14. At least its still a house and not 4 tiny flats, nice place tho.
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