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  1. +1 - was born in 1965 and have suffered from being on the trailing edge of the baby boom and ill conceived policys on immigration and training, its harder now than ever for people basically to have anything like a decent life on an average wage what with no job security if you can get one and massive demands on your income that previous generations never had ie the tax take/what you get for that, pensions blackhole, insurance thru roof and escalating fuel prices. Its very right that the bboomers should wake up to the situation buut they created it knowingly or otherwise !+
  2. Just a bit of fun, the uk tax system explained in beer :- http://www.castlecourt.biz/UK%20Tax%20System
  3. This article really was the same old shizzle although MLewis did start pricking with a few points. There however was no consensus of opinion between the "experts" which illustrates the fact that no one knows what is going to happen., We are going to hear more and more of this as the year goes on, but those of us who live in the real world and rely on the MK1 eyeball and lug hole can see it happening and developing around us. How many of us have friends that are debt stressed ? quite a lot if the figure of 2million mortgagees that can only just cope now (with record cheap debt) is to be believed. The Bankerticians of all parties have run around over the last few years sticking their fingers in the crumbling dyke but as the little boy found out :- when it starts going it goes quick ! PS If the banks are independant then why did they heed the chancellor Mr Brooon's call to take more risk ? PPS. Has anyone got a link to the bbc article on the baby boomer author interview this week, I think the book is called; Baby Boomers, how we stole our childrens future !
  4. I concur, I wonder how many of these sheep oh sorry people telling us that the current weather (hot/cold/wet/dry) are willing to pin their reputations careers on their predictions ? They change like the seasons and act like braying animals when the wind blows; "the skys falling in chicken licken". Remember this is what a £33 million computer + staff gets us this year : "A mild but very wet winter is forecast this Year". BTW Piers Corbyn predicted this weather with the use of a desk top and data from solar activity ! There's a potential saving for us all, i.e the public purse ! get rid of the MUG/MET office ! I think they only exsist to reinforce the next great wealth extraction mechanism AGW ! Giving the crap at the top the fruits of our toils ! http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews10No38.pdf
  5. Whilst everyone is probably correct about the US stance on the rest of the world you are talking about the China that displaces their own people from their land and gets them to work in sweat shops! Ask the 13 african mine workers about their Chinese bosses complain and you are shot at, No super power is ever benevolent ! BTW weapon of choice in Africa AK47 about $100 (chinese built arent v reliable but cheaper and no serial numbers !) http://www.2point6billion.com/news/2010/11/24/chinese-managers-shoot-13-african-mine-workers-8069.html
  6. Stick to your guns, time is after all on your side ! Good luck in your search for a HOME
  7. +1, much talk of responsible lenders what about responsible borrowers ! House purchase is the biggest (usually) investment you ever undertake, the" want it now" mentality is symptomatic of the coming crash. Good luck in your business anyhoo !
  8. House prices track available credit/morons willing to pauper themselves maybe ?
  9. Its great that people are finally waking up to the fact that lower prices sell, lets face it this is never going to be cheap as it is a des res but when the fantasy homes cant sell that has to ring bells with the rest of the sheeple! This is what you get for 700K in Broomhill Bristol :-http://www.bristolpropertygazette.co.uk/for-sale/details/aecc6f6fca7f4faa9b11926dda73da77# Doesnt equate really !
  10. Here's the link, ps its one of two, http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00bbwp4/Afternoon_Play_Signs_Horizon
  11. Here's the link, ps its one of two, http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00bbwp4/Afternoon_Play_Signs_Horizon
  12. We should all go on a licence strike until they obey their own charter on impartiality, its reminiscent of a kafka influenced nightmare; getting us to pay for our own brainwashing ! There was an excellent example of this in the telegraph this week; whatever your views on the paper or the subject the BBC's agenda and supercillious attitude are laid bare! Again the Vested interests of the over paid management of the Beeb are looked after! http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100064423/on-the-anniversary-of-climategate-the-watermelons-show-their-true-colours/
  13. I've had an estimate prepared for an extension on a property I own by a reliable online estimators and they came in at 92K, this really shocked me and I am a builder (originally,now build scenery for films etc). What I would say is that just like everything else that crosses our borders materials have spiralled upwards to the point where my timber supplier no longer gives out a yearly price list its now monthly ! Prices rising in a recession are a peculiar trait but this happened in the last recession as well, every one has a bottom line to operate at (which was reached long ago) unless you're a tax dodging, uninsured, unregulated and more than likely untrained individual. What you will and do see is -people reaching that line and deciding to leave the industry completely to do whatever:-even unemployment, which leads to a smaller pool of available reliable qualified operatives which in turn forces prices up. This can also be observed in the supply chain i.e. I needed tempored glass for a site in London, we use this when stunting cars thru large windows etc, it physically takes 5 days or so to make so turn around was normally 7-10 days now its 20 days and is dearer, why ? the manufacturer laid off 3/4 of the workforce as demand was down so things take longer, the cost ? well the machines/buildings cost the same or more to run service, raw materials are more etc etc. The building industry for years has been schizophrenic whilst the public at large perceives it to be full of loadsa money types there are plenty who work a 60-70 hr week (and have done this for years) and acheive modest incomes as a result whilst not knowing where next months work is or will be. As for the employment of "poles" etc whilst most of them (that are still here as Polands doing ok thanks, their professional class actually work and invest in their own country) are very hard working (when in London I have 2 polish brothers wkg for me and I pay them the uk rate , they wont work for less and why should they!) ,would you really want an untraceable individual installing something where problems only surface after time ? are they in he country ? were they qualified ?. And as for paying cash and a different rate , avoiding Tax an VAT, well you are the problem(you should be a banker), most reputable builders dont want to know, the risk is all theirs for very little gain and huge loss :- fines,jail, credit loss and loss of gross payment status, with regards paying foreigners less you are EXPLOITING them, when I HAD to go to Germany (former East) we were there because, while the money wasnt bad it was much less than the Germans so much for the EU , it was hard work away from my family and life and not many apart from the young and single really enjoy, probably the same as the EE's who are here now (and good luck to them!)
  14. Sorry cant help with the technical aspects, but if its a home you're after it sounds like you've found it, if you can afford the repayments (and repairs) good luck if you go ahead and the same if you dont.
  15. Very much so, may I also add this from the labour manifesto drafted by mr Miliband when Nulab were still in office (well in the building anyway), "Our goal is to make responsibility the cornerstone of our welfare state. Housing Benefit will be reformed to ensure that we do not subsidise people to live in the private sector on rents that other ordinary working families could not afford." How were they going to achieve that ? perhaps we were all to get state subsidies to live where ever we wanted ! And finally as a footnote, this is what some of their own side think of it, (Tom Harris, Lab Glasgow south) ;- " War Criminals ? (on Boris J comments) Now, don’t be silly, comrades. Go and lie down in a dark room until the feeling passes. And the more important point is that by using such ridiculous, over-the-top language, we lose the argument. I doubt very much if most people who pay for their homes from their own pockets feel that it is particularly evil to limit benefit claimants to the kind of home they could afford if they were actually in a job. Does Labour really want to be in a position where we support the principle that those not in work should have a right to larger, better homes than those in work? Do we intend to march into the next election with that on our banners?" Sort of sums it up does it not ? a party that actually started an illegal war using that rhetoric on a party that did not !
  16. I think you would find most of the saving would go to which ever supermarket giant that used to employ you !! As to being over paid, is that too much for someone in charge of 40 tons of highly mobile (potential) carnage on the same roads as you and yours ?
  17. This is anecdotal, I was talking to a builder(contracts mgr) yesterday about the monstrous level of housing costs and he told me his single mum daughter who recieves HB has just had this dropped by a third, when she contacted the council about the shortfall they told her to tell the LL that was all he was getting ! (its a former Local Authourity house on an estate in Bristol) perhaps sanity will return !
  18. I think if our "meedja" could take their grubby eyes from the property porn and reinvent themselves as non politised observers and reporters of Facts and Events, they might be able to squeeze something between the Halifax and Rightmove reports like "China building huge hardened strategic submarine facility in the south china sea" or "Russia massively increases military spending", it might even increase the value of your house(if you've got a strong basement ! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/1917167/Chinese-nuclear-submarine-base.htm http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/feb/09/russia.usa
  19. This from the man who wanted to be PM, more proof that they never breathe the same air as us(not us but you know what I mean) their sheeple !
  20. Blair and co (Nu lab cohorts, Biased Broadcasting Corporation and other mis guided "socialists" i.e Billy" lives in a mansion" Bragg, Keith Kevin Lilly "lives in a mansion" Allen, Alexi Sayle, Ben Elton, Kenneth Brannagh and the rest of the footlights etc etc) are abhorrent, Nu lab bought forth money grabbing war criminal defending scum, but surely if anyone here could help their own child into a home they would, wouldnt they. I would have thought that anyone who reads this site would wish that they could a) Own a HOME Their offspring could one day Own one also, labour saw to it that the underclass grew to levels not seen since pre victorian times, lets hope people see thru their lies next time theres an election. Perfect David Cameron is not and doesnt purport to be but if this country has any chance of survival in its present form it needs to get back to work and unfortunately that means bosses will make money as a consequence. So instead of bleating buy British, invest British and stay British whether you,re a new arrival or where hear when the Angles arrived !
  21. Qu ite, as the head of a socialist propaganda broadcasting shouldnt brother Thompson share his good fortune with those down the line (as if !!), also by the way did you know that management soaks up more of your licence fee than ever before with less spent on actually making the show! This is endemic in the industry and the techs are leaving for more steady but regular employment after getting sick and tired of competing with Producers and firsts employing college leavers for little or NO money..........muppets ! ie cameraman 34yrs old and still getting trainee jobs ! sound engineers working 1mth from 6 get real,These people (Thompson et al) must be descendants of the founders of the dark satanic mills , the first thing a producer or first assistant will say is we havent got any money even from the BBC and then you look at their last show ...........oh sold to 5 or so countries W####rs, the problem is to get back on subject that the meedja has been populated by baby boomer so called nimby socialists (all wealthy and meaning to stay that way thanks Jack) much like NU LAB and now the musics stopped and the proles dont want to play till they are 70 so fat cats can, after a lifetime of lording it over us the great unwashed (or civillians as they like to call us) sit on there fat asses in some country pile looking back on a lifetime of circle jerk smugness (think these are the idiots that gave Jonathan smug unfunny twit a job) and spout on ad nauseum about their great social works (that we paid them very generously to do). Wake up themedia and the BBC especially is not your friend it is a govt tool, BRAVO at least is honest crap ! If you can find it look for a transcript of the PD James interview with Mark Thompon from last december (she is an ex BBC govenor 1988/93) she wiped the floor with him. I apologise if the link doesnt work, youtube is a good source. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
  22. Hear Hear, low benefits for the poorest of society, payouts for the richest and criticism for a guy (flawed or not) who is trying to help, he said the homeless need inclusion by means of what equates to tough love, these marginilised and neglected people need a new start, whether its right or wrong to foist it upon them is open to debate. The whole point of this site is the HP issue that has created homelessness or am I missing something ! Sorry meant to say how many of us are only a few paychecks from homelessness ? Brings it to reality alittle thinking of that !
  23. Mark G is absolutely right, it makes sense to downgrade roads that are per capita too expensive, perhaps we could do the same to the M1
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