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  1. There is a lot of talk about the first time we were asked about Europe by Mr Heath, the vote was to join a economic area, the high jacking of the European project by faceless unelected bureacrats is exactly why we voted out, I couldn't vote the first time being nine but people I know , who are older say they would not have voted for if they knew then what we know now.

    As for the reasons people voted out, I don't know anyone who voted because of immigration,  I and the people I know voted out for democracy, Europe being socialist in general hates free speech and determination by the individual, the state knows best is a cornerstone of socilaism,  hence why they are so twisted up in Brussels or strasbourg ( and Berlin ). I would rather be a poor free man than a wealthy slave.


  2. Not a shock is it really, 20 years ago I worked with a guy (45 at the time) who from st Ives and he and his 7 siblings had all moved away because of lack of work/high housing costs. I subsequently lived there(rented) and prices where out of my reach and I worked away ! Anywhere nice around the world has a premium attached to living there get used to it- youre never going to get a house whilst earning as a holiday camp rep or surf instructor !

  3. Right on ! so true,

    ******ing hell, there's no pleasing some people on here, is there?

    This is one man who appears to be sticking up for britain (YOU) against all this euro/banking/finance ****** and all you can do is piss and moan about what he used to do for a living and saying he'll change his tune if he ever got in power etc etc.

    HEALTH WARNING: Reading HPC all day every day can turn you into a cynical depressive.

  4. Normal theme for healthcare workers, I did a job last year for a guy who was suprised that I dont agree with the labour view and in fact blame them for a lot of the current malaise, que socialist/i grew up in Birkenhead went to state school etc rant then wifey pipes in cant beleeeve you agree with tory scum etc. What do you think their income is as he owns/manages 8 other doctors in his new labour minted doctors centre and shes a sociologist for the NHS, live in a 850 k properdee and send their kids to yes a private school ! No altruistic use of their funds whatso ever, proper nu lab socialists !

  5. Couple on ITN News now - joint income of 18K borrowed over 200K for a house. Having trouble paying their mortgage.

    I fear that there are hundreds of thousands of people like them in the country.

    Don't forget, for every one who was a greedy ramper, speculator and property porn developer there were plenty of decent, hard-working people who just got swept up in the whole ponzi mess.

    +1 They are the victims of the evil bloated housing manipulating ,hot air banking, wealthy technocrats who are the upper echelons of this country , these poor people,deluded/misled (and part of the problem I know), but they just wanted to get on with their lives rather than play the ridiculous ponzi game ! I know how hard it is to resist peer pressure, my ex wife and in laws gave me a hard time over home ownership in the 80's and I was proved right then ! I just hope that there is a minimum of suffering for the next wave of repo's and their children !

  6. One argument could go that if the majority of people own guns and a majority of them establish a new government then that's democracy, of sorts and if that's what the majority wants that's what the majority gets; though voting would get to be a little more interesting than we're accustomed to

    When the state is armed and the people are not , the people live in fear of the state !

    when the people are armed, the state lives in fear of the people !

    Meaning if you are armed you have liberty if not none ( well done the stereophonics)

  7. Prices in Bristol have been insane, unaffordable and clearly unsustainable but I am seeing very large drops (Asking prices) in all areas. Sentiment is on the wane, employment is down and Whiteladies Road is a ghost town. The sooner Students and their Parents feel the squeeze, the sooner some of that lovely BS6 and BS9 stock will become available.

    I'm a happy renter, living in a quality house with my lovely Missus (Has held firm with my reassurances), with an expanding deposit and nice chunk of the shiny stuff. I withstood years of pressure, mocking and misguided "Advice" from acquaintances and am beginning to feel rather smug as these same friends complain of sleepless nights and have literally no cash available for spending.

    The mess is coming. I was made to feel like a second class citizen for years, as I always anticipated, the tables are beginning to turn. Keep your doors locked and your 9 iron handy, it is going to become absolute carnage out there.


    I concur, many of my friends are going literally from job to job with no orders long term (building industry) the only people I know with confidence are a couple of nurses and 2 teachers ! Have witnessed an odd trend, houses reducing by first 5 then 10 k and then being taken off- they were no chain, has anyone else seen this on stuff they are watching ?

  8. Hi guys, its a miserable (weather) sunday, but still the news items have only got 21 replies/comments between them ! is no one interested or would they rather debate geo politics ! The house price crash is starting but no ones commenting,I 've been looking in Bristol for a dogs age and they are definitely on the slide, what are other peoples experience where you live ?

  9. It's going to take too many months of these tiny drops as we're seeing to rebalance this so expect a housing crisis in the meantime and some interesting political remedies.

    No mortgages for over 45 either, according to Telegraph a few days ago.


    There are plenty of houses cheaper than 210K in Bristol, people (sellers and buyers) need to get real here, if you are in a low paid job you arent going to end up in sneyd park and conversely your crappy semi in downend isnt worth the price of a nice little place in the country, I have been watching the local market for years as I am one of the trapped (house paid off-cant afford to go up now Ive got a family !) and the scene in Bristol is schizo ! The employment prospects in Bristol are on the downward trend, aircraft, insurance, banking all downsizing or outsourcing and no replacement jobs other than service or retail = Death spiral . I have spent time in Germany recently and whatever happens they are still the workers in Europe, they know that to be successful you need to make things be it abstract (software etc) or real (robotics). You can argue over your skinny latte as much as you want thats the facts, as I was told in school (good ol mr Adams) in life its a chinese laundry, NO tickee No washee, get off your asses and work not shirk !

  10. Surely the point of this is that whilst our manufacturing base loses yet another client someone else will pick one up ! liberal wets who think that the need goes away just because a UK co is not producing aircraft/guns/bullets/slingshots are very much deluded and in fact are the cause of conflicts, we will have proof very soon when a certain warlike leader dudils his ambition to take over the reins of a vast newly modernised military force (parity with the USA by 2015 as stated in the russian parliament). When some peoples disarm other peoples see that as a opportunity to take what they want or impose their will/doctrines by force !!! And just like the banking crisis it will be the general populace that suffers again !

  11. If I had £1 for everyone who said " I can't sell my house" to me recently I would be loaded.

    Really starting to get on my goat :angry:

    This has been going on for nearly four years now and people still think it's a blip, wise up it's the crash of the century.

    If you are bankrupt as a result take it on the chin go to court and get on with your life

    Rant over

    +1 :D

  12. An unusually large number of HMO / investment properties in the Uplands and Brynmill area of Swansea have been listed on their website within the last few days!

    Could there be some in-house offloading going on? ;)

    Could the BTL brigade be waking to the fact that the govt isnt going to fund micky mouse degrees anymore = fewer student renters and getting out before the rest. ( Its happened in Bristol but that was due to private sector/universities tie up on housing, office blocks converted into student flats) :D

  13. Lower cost legal services?



    If I worked for a low end law firm I would be worried, maybe even if I worked for a large high end firm I would expect high margin bulk caseloads to start falling off.

    Its about time the middle classes lost their right to a monopoly and suffered the same as the plumbers, waiters and everyone else who have had their wages eroded thanks to the enlargement of the lower base level employment pool, perhaps their perspective might change so that at dinner parties, rather than lauding the cheap polish builder they will be singing the praises of the cheap irish/french/whatever lawyer who did their conveyancing !

  14. I'm always torn in two. On one hand I get outraged at the sheer nerve of deliberately choosing not to work and so presumably my tax payments have to be higher to pay for this, on the other (and I definitely don't condone it) I can kind of see a point on choosing benefits over slogging your guts out for a minimum wage job which doesn't get you much of a life in this country.

    I'm lucky in that my wage is far enough above the benefit level that it makes sense for me to work, but if I wasn't it would be pretty hard to carry on and do the right thing, I probably would because its how I've been brought up but perhaps that may just make me the bigger fool for being a good corporate little drone.

    +1 B)

  15. We've had an offer accepted on a house today :) It's a 3 bed end of terrace with a massive workshop in an ok'ish area of south east London.

    I'm absolutely certain house prices will keep falling (definitely real falls, and some nominal falls too), but frankly I'm fed up with renting and not having anywhere to work on my cars, and my wife also needs a photography studio. This house came along at a price we could afford, and it's got enough space for now and scope to extend into the loft in the future. I'm worried about inflation eating into our deposit, with rising wage inflation, so we decided to take the plunge...

    Interest on mortgage will work out about 150 quid more than we're paying in rent on a 5 year fix, but hopefully we'll be able to clear about 7-8% of the outstanding balance in in overpayments in year one, and hopefully by the time we come to the end of the 5 year fix we'll be well on the way to clearing the mortgage. Target is 10 years, and the mortgage is 2 times joint income, or 3 times my salary, so it's not a huge stretch (hopefully).

    Ok, time for everyone to call me stupid ;)

    Congratulations, its what many on here want and truly deserve(if that is their desire) an affordable decent home ! :D

  16. There's a very sizeable industrial development being built by the M5, just north of Bridgwater where the Willow Man stands.


    On a side issue, Willow Man stands (stood) in a lovely piece of open Somerset countryside, but now has factories up his a r s e. Who gave planning for that?

    Anyway, the advertising boards are bragging about new industrial developments, jobs and new homes. All looks very optimistic and a very large financial investment. But I can't help feel a bit cynical about its success. I would have thought a very large financial outlay was a mistake at present and I'm curious as to how successful all this will be.

    I think its a Morrisons distribution centre !

  17. Its amazing they get away without any financial penalty. Park a car for 10 minutes longer than you paid for and its 100 quid - slap a massive unused, unwanted building down and it costs nothing.

    Never thought of it like that, well said, as a footnote I am a denizen of Brizzle and just before xmas took a boat from the centre to temple meads, the empty office space viewed from the river is striking like something from a "survivour" type film, we all know it apart from the sheeple, games up ! too much reliance on services and not enough production in the uk, the credit bubble just masked the end for us ! Anyone know of a cheap isolated farm for sale/grabs ! :)

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