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  1. My friend will be moving to Portsmouth. She's been telling me to move there too but I'm quite hesitant. What specific residential area of Portsmouth can you guys recommend? what are the average prices of properties there? My friend is in Queen Street but I also want to consider other beautiful areas.
  2. I noticed that most homeowners who can't put up their homes for sale, put it for rent instead. But some rent are indeed expensive. I think if you will just haggle, maybe they will also lower the rate.
  3. Hi! I've been to Tatra Mountains once and it's very beautiful. You're lucky to have bought a ski apartment there. I think it's a nice investment.
  4. What makes me view a property/the things I consider before buying a property: Location - if the neighborhood is safe. If it is located in the area I want to live in. Price- if I can afford it or if it is in my preferred price-range. Design - if I like the design and the interiors of the house.
  5. This is a nice idea. But I think some agents will just have to create many accounts and put some 5-star reviews for their own selves
  6. hi topher bear, the links you've shared are very interesting and useful to read. I was also renting before until I bought a property. I'm planning to put up one of my properties for rent in the near future. So, I think the info about the rights and responsibilities of tenants will be very useful for me.
  7. When my family and I have not yet able to buy our own home, we also rented a flat and we also haggle on the rent before moving in. The landlord was hesitant at first but then he just agreed to our offer.
  8. I have 2 residential properties. When crisis comes, I'm going to put up the other property for rent so that I can have continuous income. I think my properties are my protection and security for my future.
  9. I also experienced this with my previous landlord. During my last month of tenancy, he asked me to allow him to let new possible tenants view the property. I agreed but only to the time convenient for me. I am not at home from 9 in the morning to 8 in the evening. So, the most convenient time for me is only 7-8 in the morning...and they agreed.
  10. My landlord also wanted to increase the rent but I said he didn't stated in the Contract that there will be rent increase. So, he didn't insist on increasing the rent anymore.
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