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  1. Sorted, took it in with his girlfriend and they seemed quite ok with that. Sending him some paperwork to fill out although he never thought to ask what that would be.
  2. My son will be giving notice on his rented property tomorrow. As he intends to hand this in personally rather than posting, should he ask for some kind of written confirmation that his notice has been accepted? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. He`cs currently renting with his girlfriend so saving for a deposit as well (which they are doing) is a slow process. Our concern is that, by the time they`ve saved enough for the deposit and all the attached costs if house prices start to rise then they`d be continually saving towards an unobtainable goal (i.e. they save say ten grand deposit but prices go up and they suddenly need thirteen grand etc. etc.) Having seen how prices have dropped over the last couple of years, although I`m no expert, I think this is probably the best opportunity they`ll have to buy a house for quite a while and the missus and I are willing to give them a helping hand. They have a meeting with the mortgage advisor today so hopefully things will move on swiftly.
  4. My son is wanting to buy our house and I`m wondering if the following scenario is acceptable/legal. we intend to sell him the house at 90% of the valuation/market value thus enabling him as a FTB to get a 90% mortgage which will pay for the house in full. the remaining 10% will be a loan from us which he can pay off at his leisure. Is this likely to cause any problems? i.e. will the conveyancing solicitor or b/society question where the remainder of the purchase price is or will it be ok providing that we pay off our current mortgage and have sufficient monies for the deposit on our new house. I`m just trying to get my head round the logistics of actually doing this.cheers.
  5. When we made an offer for our current house the EA basically refused to pass it on to the vendor because 1) We were reluctant to pay a fee to them which they wanted just to pass the offer on. 2) We would not speak to there in-house mortgage advisor as our mortgage was already sorted.They tried putting us under a lot of pressure whilst in the agency and in the end we walked out. we then contacted the vendor directly, explaining we were interested but put off by his agents behaviour. It transpired he had "sold" the house four times through this agency, each one falling through. Although nothing could be proved it appeared the EA was only passing on offers from buyers using there mortgage broker who was offering multiples that they could just not afford. End result? he ditched the EA, we bought the house and got a discount as he had no EA fees to pay. All happy bar the EA.
  6. As a postie who walks the city centre and an ex resident of Richmond hill i found that quite interesting. there are indeed many empty flats in the city centre (we can tell by the rammed full letterboxes) and despite what the female architect had to say about community spirit, richmond Hill has no redeeming features whatsoever. Incidentally, developers are currently advertising new flats (echo 1, I think) as city centre living despite them being on the border of Cross green and Richmond Hill. desperate tactics or what?
  7. Mate of mine was left in the matrimonial home when his wife buggered off with another bloke. He simply stopped paying the mortgage and refused to even discuss things with her. Ended up her boyfriend was paying rent for the flat they were in AND the mortgage on the matrimonial house. My mate just sat in the property, dragged out the eventual sale and then took his half share off the equity. Result
  8. We booked one of these when our original fixed rate ran out. There`s a booking fee payable upfront in the region of £200-£500 depending on the lender, then a further product fee payable if you take the mortgage. Be aware though, if you fail to complete within six months (even by a day) you lose that rate and must pay again at whatever rate they offer.
  9. was looking at selling a couple of months ago and had Raine & Horne (an aussie company new to the UK) round to value the house. Tendering was there latest tactic to boost sales, based simply on getting two people interested in your house and then seeing how high they would go. there was an informal suggested range of price in the advert.
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