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  1. All sounds good, well done !
  2. well, I'd be tempted....worth that just for a few months of that Florida sunshine! Are you lving out there full time?
  3. prices seem to be holding steady to me, high end stuff still seems to be selling, but the general feeling I'm getting from some people i know in the business is that there are very few sales at the moment and there are good opportunities for making decent offers. I'm still waiting it out though.
  4. try this: http://live.cml.netxtra.net/cml/media/pressdates''>http://live.cml.netxtra.net/cml/media/pressdates' rel="external nofollow">http://live.cml.netxtra.net/cml/media/pressdates
  5. Interesting....do you know which EA? Don't know any private sellers at the moment but I have been keeping an eye on several new developments in Cowes and it seems very little / nothing has sold over the summer, but advertised prices do not seem to be coming down.
  6. I'm renting a beautiful sea front apartment with fantastic views and a garage, 'worth' at least £300k - I'm paying £700 pcm. And, the landlady is paying the maintenance charge out if that which must be at least £150 pcm! I negotiated a small discount on the asking rent when I took the place on in June
  7. The FSA offer protection of up to £35k per institution in this situation I believe - can't find a link at the moment
  8. Wouldn't want the site to lose its identity, but in my experience the name does cause the vast majority to take a prejudiced negative view of the site, and it does seem to put most people off.
  9. OK thanks for the replies - I'll take a look into that now
  10. what's the best way to do this? Can you get something directly indexed to the gold price? I have a B&B e-savings ISA but I don't think they do the maxi ISAs
  11. exactly, and I'd say that's pretty important too.
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