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  1. Got my full refund Thanks again everyone for the good advice.
  2. It is an inconvenience, if people are coming to view the place it generally means you are moving out. Moving house can take alot of effort and can be very stressful as we all know. Viewings are just another disruption you could do without at such a busy time.
  3. Well I think its went my way. I sent an e-mail with the details referring to the TDS scheme and I got an e-mail back saying I'll get my refund soon. They spouted total lies in that letter I received originally. Just wish I could think of some way of repaying them. They were ready to charge me for a 'sparkle' clean, just wonder if I should try and charge them for having to clean the oven in the first place or maybe take it up with the local newspaper.
  4. I've got photos of the cooker but it's a digital timestamp of when the file was created on the camera. I forgot to mention if I pay the rent per calander month on a 6 month AST, then my leaving date should be the last day of the last month. I moved in on the first of the month but the AST ended on the 2nd last day of the month. I just feel like I've been short changed. I'll give the agency a call on Monday.
  5. Hi Guys, I've just completed a 6 month AST and just received a letter from the agency stating that the oven door wasn't cleaned and there was crumbs in the fridge. When I moved in originally, the oven hadn't been cleaned and it was disgusting (I took pictures). I also had to clean the fridge as their was left over food residue. Before we left, my mother spent two days cleaning the cooker and I cleaned the fridge removing and washing every single glass/plastic shelf and washed them down. The house was in a cleaner state when we moved in because we even washed down the paint and woodwork. The agency knew about the state of the cooker when I moved in as it was mentioned verbally over the phone and sent I an amended inventory via e-mail (Although my PC's been wiped on numerous occassions since then) On the original inventory, it states the oven and fridge to be present but the condition column next to them is blank. My view is - Why should I have to pay for something that wasn't clean when we arrived and what I've had to clean myself. Is it worth fighting or should I just bite the bullet? Cheers
  6. They have admitted they own the item by trying to charge you for repairing it so they couldn't charge for disposal even if it isn't on the inventory. If the inventory had items missing on it then how can that inventory be held up as being 100% correct. I'd be asking for the old broken photoframe back if you have to replace it.
  7. N/A


    My viewing times could have been better but I said anytime after 5pm. Simply because I don't want strangers wandering around the flat whilst I'm at work. I should have said to the LA, they didn't have to come out and I'd show the people viewing the flat. I'm waiting on CAB to get back to me. If they say they have no rights then there won't be any viewings at all. They never gave me any help when I asked for the quaterly inspection to be done on a different day or even give me a fixed time for that day and said they'd let themselves in anyway if I wasn't there. Also, with the LL trying to increase the rent once before we even and once again, I don't owe them anything. The thing that really annoys me the most is I signed up for that 6 month contract but I've to have the keys handed back to them by half 4 on the 30th. To me I've just lost a day and a half's rent money.
  8. N/A


    Quick update: The LA says I should not listen to the advice of users on the internet because apparently you guys aren't qualified in housing matters. I basically said they can arrange viewings in the last week of the tenancy but only after a certain time. They have came back and said that's not acceptable and pointed out the clause I mentioned earlier in the AST. I replied back saying it was a breach of the other clause in the AST about quiet enjoyment. What powers do these people actually have? Can I be sued for breech of contract?
  9. The above almost sounds like an advert, I bet the owners of the other 8 houses that didn't sell have a different view.
  10. N/A


    I just looked at my AST and there is a failry standard paragrah that says 'Within the last month of the tenancy to permit the landlord or any person authorised by the landlord or the landlord's agent at reasonable hours in daytime to enter and view the property with prospective tenants or purchasers' Is this forceable? I live in Scotland so I don't know if I'm covered by this quiet enjoyment clause.
  11. N/A


    The LA asked me for a reference and I said I had never rented before, which was true. They asked for a reference from my employer instead. So not sure if I can just do the same thing with the next LA Before we leave, we'll give the place a good clean and take lots of photos. I'll even ask the next door neighbour to come in and verify that its clean. That way the photos and the word of a stranger might be more credible than anything the LA or LL come up with. We're going to look at some brand new shared ownership houses, stupidly over priced but we're looking at every option. I think I'm just going to ignore the requests from the LA, as far as I know they can only enter the property for inspections and for emergency repairs.
  12. N/A


    In all honestly I'm a bit pissed off with the LA. I didn't notice at the time that the AST runs out on the 30th of this month so its one day short of a full 6 month AST - my fault but still sneaky. Secondly, when I asked for a fixed time and a date change in regards to the inspection they said tough and we'll just let ourselves whether you're there or not. Thirdly the LL tried to put the rent up before we even moved into the place so at the end of the day I don't owe them any favours. Should I double check my contract just in case theres something in there or is it pretty standard stuff?
  13. N/A


    Hi, My tenancy comes to an end this month, the LA wants to arrange viewings while I still occupy the property. Can I refuse? Thanks James
  14. I'm in a similar situation, LL tried to up my rent before I even got in the door and now that the AST finishes up at the end of the month, he tried to put it up again. Me and my girlfriend have decided to move, even though it will cost us more agency fees, van hire and time. If the LL has a void that month, it will cost him over £500 compared to the extra £180 he'd lose to us over 6 months. Looking at rightmove, there is a surplus of 2 bed flats and some 2 bed semi's are within budget. We have a newborn now, so we really need a fixed residence at this point and I can't be bothered moving every 6 months or 12 months if things don't work out. We're going to look at shared ownership or even council housing as I feel privately renting isn't ideal for our situation. I just hope we'll be looked upon favourably and get something by the end of the month, but I'm confident we'll find a new place quickly and around the same price if not cheaper than where we are just now. From what I've seen in my area, it's looking up for the renter. I just hope when we move out, the LL has a void as it would make our decision that little bit sweeter.
  15. Hi, Me and my girlfriend started renting out a flat in August. When we originally said we'd take the flat on, the LL tried to increase the rent before we moved in. We refused, using rightmove and propertybee we persuaded the LL to rent at the price originally advertised. At the time there was two other flats up for rent, both hadn't shifted for months even after rent drops. The LL had told us during the viewing, due to a seperation, he had tried to sell the flat but no one was interested and was forced to let it out. We like it here but the flat has its flaws... no storage space, very small 2nd bedroom, main room will only take the kingsize bed in one direction, very noisy main road where our sleep is always disturbed around 6-7am with lorries driving past. But for the money, it was ideal for us as we were expecting our first child. I recently got a reminder that the AST was due up at the end of January, after speaking with the LA, we've been told that the LL wants to increase the rent by £30. We refused, firstly because aftter living in the flat, it just isn't worth any more that what we currently pay. Secondly, there is another 3 flats up for rent, one is fully furnished at £450, our rent is £395, one is unfurnished at £450 but the first months rent is only £300 and there is another one at £475 but it's been on the market for months according to propertybee. Also directly accross the road is another two bedroom flat for £400. The LL is sticking to his guns, as are we. But the thought of hiring a van, lugging our crap about, changing over telephone/broadband and paying for agency fees is a bit bewildering, especially with a new born baby. I just hope after we move out, the next month is a void, then he'll have to fork out for the rent/council tax which is £135. So in that month he stands to loose £520, compared to the £180 he'd gain over 6 months renting to me and we did mention we'd accept a rent increase after 12 months. Personally, I can't see the logic in his decision, but from what I've seen there is a boatload more properties to rent than there was 6 months ago. For £100 more I could be living in a proper semi detached house. I'm not sure if this is the effect of the HPC or if December is a slow month? What do you guys think? Thanks
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