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  1. I dont find the claim that the phrase IOU is expensive very convincing. If you've ever looked over a loan agreement you can soon establish that our banker friends are not actually averse to the use of large numbers of words at all..... If your claim were true they'd keep is simple, they do not do so at all.
  2. Isn't that how it always ends though? The bankers make promises that they cant actually keep, presumably hoping that at some point they or maybe our children will be able to make good, at some point it becomes impossible to do so. It's like stealing in the hope that you can replace the item stolen before anyone notices, some posters here would no doubt argue that there has been no crime unless you get caught..... In reality the existence of the theft ( or fraud ) is not contingent on it's detection.
  3. I think this brings the thread full circle, as of now sterling has been significantly devalued over a short period of time, I'd guess it's going to lose a great deal more value over the next few months and years. It may or may not end up as non tradeable but it seems obvious that the underlying promises are going to be reneged on. A quick check of history will show you that bankers have a history of this sort of thing.
  4. Hmmmm. Not really true that though is it. They are actually promising so much future labour that it cant possibly be delivered ( at least not by those from whom it is supposedly due ). Even in the best case scenario the promise is dubious as the labourer is not even guaranteed to be alive at the due date let alone guaranteed able to deliver on the promise. To accept such a promise on the same basis as labour already delivered is not something people are likely to do if they actually appreciate what is being offered. They accept such deals because they do not understand and that I would hazard is a state that is not achieved accidentally. You have to be kidding right? There is a simpler explanation of why they do not write IOU. It's that they dont want people realising that is what they are actually getting. Simpler solutions are usually favoured by rational people, it's called Occam's razor.....
  5. So you seriously think people 'borrow' from banks at interest in the full knowledge that the bank doesn't actually have the money to lend them in the first place? I think it's you that is painting the average person as a dribbling cretin not me. I think they are the victims of an elaborate and quite difficult to grasp fraud. It makes me brighter than you I guess
  6. You cant fool all of the people all of the time I guess . But then you dont need to fool everyone to make the system function because even those who can see the game for what it is are for the most part trapped into playing anyway.
  7. Cobblers, the average man believes precisely that the banks actually have the money and the banks try very hard to keep it that way. Sure a few people figure the game out but that in no way translates to 'most people'. The whole system is essentially fraudulent with the bankers and their pet politicians stealing from the vast majority of the population. They defraud their 'creditors' by 'inflating the money supply' and they defraud their 'debtors' by convincing them that they have borrowed something that the bank actually possessed.
  8. Perversely that is precisely when you should be most aware that the taxpayer is your boss...
  9. I know a guy worked for a govt depy got £50k ish for 15 years. Now works for the Northern Ireland version of a related department. Staggering.
  10. Agreed, if the call gets made it'll be a political dodge to avoid being seen to take unpopular actions with any alternative.
  11. Absolutely, all this state borrowing and printing is going to aggravate the situation to the point that the 80s will seem like a picnic by comparison.
  12. I have to agree, it's perfectly true that both parties are rubbish but it's still worthwhile to vote for bad rather than let worse get back in.....
  13. Lol. If it comes it wont be the fault of those who post here.
  14. Perhaps, but B&B are just another arm of the banking/state elite that's raison d'etre is to rob us all blind. I'm not clear that I should be sympathetic to their parasitic need to feed on the labour of others whilst doing nothing of value themselves....... Particularly in a case where they seek to profit simply from driving the price of a basic human need ever upwards.
  15. I found the story quite irritating in that they are receiving a prop in the form of reduced interest payments from a taxpayer owned lender. It really drives it home that the state will do anything at this point to avoid nominal falls in prices, even to the extent of effectively throwing public money at a couple of failed gamblers who have racked up enormous debts and speculative losses....... Criminal.
  16. And yet if we look at human history we see that slavery is the norm with slave free societies being the exception. Honestly, I dont think a free market of any real scale has ever really existed, I doubt it even could exist without fundamental changes to human nature....
  17. Now link to any post in which he does calculations acknowledging that income. Sure he put his hands up after the fact when he's been caught out but its more than a little dishonest to try and paint it as though he always did.
  18. Unfortunately in this case the real principles are being applied to false numbers.
  19. Read the link ( I editted so you may not have seen it ), up to £50k family income gets the whole entitlement for child tax credit and I am a sole earner for the time being......
  20. It's still £500 a month that Radge et al have been omitting from their calculations. Then there is the minimum of child benefits on 2 babies.....
  21. Dont need the calculator, I can just check the bank statements . I'll give you a clue that my wife does not work and I'm not that far above the threshold on the tax front. For those who dont know I found an explanation; http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/sep/11/taxcredits.familyfinance
  22. Lol. Whatever bud. You should probably do some checking though. I don't qualify for any working tax credit, just child tax credit and child benefit. I'll give you a clue that the child benefit alone is £20 a week. I'll leave it to you to check the child tax credits.
  23. More assumptions.... My my you never tire of displaying your foolishness do you.
  24. Child credit and benefit will be higher, I'm a higher rate tax payer with 1 child and I get more than 160 a month....
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