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  1. Exactly my experience .. I went to four different garages to buy a van, when I asked for the best price I got a lecture on leaseing/HP etc .. ended up giving them my card and telling them to phone me when they had a price. The only ones who did were Citroen and they gave me price but told me they had a demonstrator for significant discount. I told them I would have it and made an appointment .. the chap was a bit phased and after tryingto sell me credit said "Well it's not as if you are just going to make a debit card payment for £9500 is it" I did .. and because I have prewarned the bank it went through .. I got the feeling that I was not a popular bunny though ..
  2. Well he no longer owns the house .. as it was repo'd .. I guess if he bought it before 2002 then I can't really see any defence that would not be laughable ..
  3. You remember, he fought for a United Ireland then claimed it was his human right to declare bankrupcy as a British Subject. Well the silly person forgot to tell the Irish Offical reciever that he had stashed a load of Euro's under the bath, doubtless he will say it was an oversight as 150k is (was) as little to him as a tenner for us (and lets face it who hasn't lost a couple of quid down the back of the sofa). Is there any way he can get out of this one? I would say that regardless of any story he comes up with .. it's beyond reasonable doubt he was trying to cheat the official reciever .. or am I dreaming here?
  4. I didn't quite get this .. as the story does not seem to have been told well .. I'm assuming that the landlord refused to cough up the deposit ? I'm assuming as happened the last time I moved out of a property, if the landlord meets you at the property and thanks you for being such good tenants, does the electricity and gas meters .. has a bit of a poke about then exchanges the keys for an envolope of cash containing your deposit he/she is in the clear regardless of wether it was protected or not .. Or am I wrong?
  5. A firiend is a traffic policeman and " I have the bulb and can't change it" is now the no1 Excuse for a dead headlight .. Come back Lucas prince of gloom all is forgiven ..
  6. It's possible that it's only people I know and the area I live in .. But there seems to be a bit of bicycling "Craze" going on at the moment .. and other than the Boardman bikes Halfords has totally missed out on it. There are plenty of people who will happily spend £1000 on a frame, and have a number of bikes "fixed wheel" and "Coggers", There is whole range of these people from the "Occasional weekender" to the obsessive who thinks a decent holiday is doing over 100K a day in the alps .. My experience (I have no data i can quote) is these guys and girls tend to be high earners and happy to spend, but they require some knowledgeable service. Halfords does not have the expertise to exploit this ..
  7. And the exception that proves the rule! There is a lady I know who looked after her parents from her 20's (when her mother first became ill) until her mid 40's When her dad finally died after a long illness. She gave the best years of her life and had no career or other interests, which in truth has sent her a little batty (think of a 45 year old with the outlook of a teenager). So yep the fact that she was left the house without mortgage that she can live in in security for the rest of her days strikes me as fair, She has a sister with whom she was left the house 50-50 and sister (A lawyer who was busy building a career when the parents were ill) was scandalised and made a trust so that the house was 100% the other sisters but was left to her children when the first sister died ..
  8. A friend of mine who has a portfolio of property bought from the mid 60's to middle of the 90's in London told me that he could no longer get bank financing because the banks now have a blanket rule that they will not grant new loans to anyone over 65(I suspect he had IO loans on alot of the property) So he has had to go for bridging finance, which is expensive because he has a very high LTV ratio (he's transfered alot of property to his children without mortgages). So the increase in bridging loans may well not be a positive thing ..
  9. I'm not sure that's true .. I think that the maintainance is included in the rental cost. Another friend (same industry) who wanted a new van was given the super hard sell to lease by the salesman the whole "How much do you spend on your van" chat and make the £300 a month look like a bargain because maintainance was included. But I don't know if you CAN put a dog in it .. My guess would be if you are "Renting to Buy" then it's no problem as there is no inspection at the end of the rental .. but if you do not intend to keep the car then No you can't put a pet in it .. Also do you intend to modifiy it? A big thing fro my friend was that the racking had to be done by the supplier .. and had ot be removed at the end of the lease ..
  10. Alot of the people I know are like me and their income can vary enormously .. and pay comes in big lumps. Credit has always been to be avoided. A friend of mine had just been paid from a really big job and he wanted to buy his wife a new Audi. The way he tells it (and I have no reason to doubt him) the conversation went like this .. Figures are not exact) Him "What's the price" Salesman "Well the deposit is £4500 and then there are monthly rentals of £350" Him "No what's the cash price?" Salesman "Well the deposit is £4500 and then there are monthly rentals of £350" Him "No what size of cheque do i have to write to buy the car" Salesman "Well the deposit is £4500 and then there are monthly rentals of £350" Him "So you will not sell me a car for cash" Salesman "I'll check with my manager" Him "Check and phone me with a price" Two days later the chap phones and says .. "There IS a way to do it .. you can make all the payments in a three month period, they don't like it, but they can't touch you for it" My friend declined this kind offer and his wife got a second hand car ..
  11. I'm not so sure .. obviously the banks were losing deposits but my understanding was that there was 100% certaintly of a bailout which kept alot of the money in place ..
  12. From the BBC .. on the delay of the debate in the Cypriot parliament. "However, his Democratic Rally party - which has 20 seats in the 56-member assembly - needs support from other factions to ratify the bailout." So this is not a "Done Deal" yet ? Or am I missing something ? What I read into that is they need 9 people from other parties to vote for the bailout and think as I might I can't see anyone not in the ruling party WOULD vote for this .. I guess if they don't get a deal the banks will stay closed on tuesday .. edit to add here is the link to that .. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-21820237
  13. I guess that's the difference .. I go to work to feed my family .. you go to work for some higher purpose ..
  14. A quick route around the internet comes up with these figures .. Price of petrol in 1964 5' (25p) Average weekly wage £16 Today it's £505 Which if petrol had gone up in line would make petrol £7.89 a gallon. I wonder how much the price would have to go up to get back to 1964 traffic levels ?
  15. I think Legislation is unlikely .. but I can see that car purchase may become a thing of the past .. A friend of mine was looking for a new BMW for his wife, he runs a small buisness so he would not take out a loan for a car. He asked the sales person again and again for the price of the car and kept being told .. Well the advace rental is £6405 and then you pay 240 a month and a final payment of .. He left the salesman his card and asked him to phone him when he had a price .. The salesman called back and told him .. "They don't like it but you can pay all the payments in six months and they can't touch you .." But still wouldn't tell him a Cash price .. He agreed to the lease terms .. then the computer said no .. So he had second thoughts and bought a second hand one instead, It's so odd that you can be sucessfull in buisness have plently of cash int he bank and yet be excluded from buying a new car ..
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