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  1. Doesn't quite meet my definition of Job Offer.
  2. keep up the good work Oz. A good argument in this case might have been: "you paid £365k in 2005, do you think the current economic outlook is better or worse then in 2005?" Make sure you tell the EA your budget is 500k before offering 350k.
  3. I thought about buying a nice 3 bed detached in a nice street for £76k in 1996. I nearly bought a very small 3 bed detached in a not so nice street for £188k in 2007. If the price for a nice one falls to £150k I'll be tempted, but won't rush in.
  4. Enjoyable read, but spoiled as always by a lingering fear for the safety of my savings.
  5. "Last year, Chinese mills refused to accept a 33 per cent increase agreed by Korean and Japanese mills, insisting on a 45 to 50 per cent discount. No deal was ever agreed." What does this mean? Did the chinese mills buy the steel or not? And at what price?
  6. Is the answer to "why don't they borrow from BOE?" that they are a building soc, not a bank? Just guessing, but I'd like to know the answer as well.
  7. I'm doing it all wrong, I was on leave today but went in to work for a few hours.
  8. The 130M investment is presumably what the council has contracted to pay the developer over the next XX years. The 'for rent or sale' is a bit confusing, as PFI is usually 'build and maintain' contract (or 'provide facilities' if you prefer).
  9. So what is the effect on the economy/house prices/my taxes of the old biddy who ran up £30k gambling debts and then declared bankruptcy.
  10. What's the legal framework for this company/business? Does it file accounts or tax returns? Let's hope (or not) that they've been paying their taxes correctly.
  11. This £400 for surveying an off-plan property sounds like a good job.
  12. As long as you have cleared it up, I'd say wear and tear. If the landlord wants a spotless garage floor they should have painted it, an still could but not at your expense.
  13. Remind us. What is the reason the credit agreements might be unenforceable?
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