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  1. This is excellent advice. Bypass the EA with a very curtious letter explaing your offer and in the event the vendor wishes to reconsider then get in touch. Also, hint that it is in the vendors interest to take the house 'off the market.......' nudge nudge. EA's are tossers the sooner people bypass them the better. The internet will see to this...........one day!!!!
  2. Increase significantly............But not in real terms.
  3. I don't recall the banks and governments being so heavily leveraged and yet the last time it still took years and years to correct.
  4. Do I sense that you see that as a victory for you? Don't you get it at all? What is your decision then?
  5. Don't all jizz your pants. The fact the consequences have been modelled speaks volumes. The VI's are looking to deflate the bubble in the most controlled way possible. I.E slllloooowwwwllllyyy. Or put another way not some apocolyptic crash, the time line being a lot longer than most on here can contemplate.
  6. Precisley. It is such a shame that the trillions sunk into non productive assets has done just that, produced nothing and certainly nothing innovative.
  7. I see I have a sole mate. Banks and the government, two of the most powerful VI's in the country and yet people on here are betting against them. I am filled with the desire for many of the uber bears to be correct, whilst sadly reflecting on their folly.
  8. Dream on fat boy, dream on. Incidently, you have put a very good coherant argument as to why interest rates won't rise. When will you guys realise it ain't in 'their' interest.
  9. I think she has phoned the bank since these comments and has now realised the truth of the situation she is in. IO mortgages should be banned or at the very least banks should only lend to those who are suitably financially literate.
  10. erm it was very much to do with Labour. As is always the case.
  11. What angers me is how we got to this point. It angers me greatly to think that a basic human need has been turned into a commodity to be traded. It angers me even more when I think that the prudent and sensible are being shafted to save the necks of the feckless chav scum 13 years of Labour bred. This is what makes me angry this is why I try to convince posters on here that in order for them to preserve their wealth they need to click into what the feck is going on, and not to be sucked along with this notion that we are all going to wake up tomorrow and be able to buy 3 bed average type homes for the equivelent of a loaf of bread and a tin of beans. Yes I have benefited from HPI, I have freely admitted this from day one of me posting on this board. Does that make me think it is right? No. I am a hypocrite? probably, or more likely selfish like all other humans, selfish parasytic beings. Do I wish houses were more affordable? yes. Do I agree with the sentiment of most on here? Hell yes and that includes you. Lets just get things into perspective, and find sensible routes out of this god damn mess the last lot of socialist idiots have gotten us into.
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