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  1. The flats are nice and have gym facilities, but the area is still a bit dodgy IMO.
  2. We offered under the FP, but it was FP at £255000 which was just silly. We are paying £245000. They came back to us with the price they REALLY wanted. I think it's not a case of offering under the FP, but that prices are fixed slightly higher than the seller would take, because they now expect people to offer under. We sold at closing date for a very good figure but would have fixed higher than we needed, expecting to have to haggle.
  3. They did exactly this, we've agreed a price, survey is done and it's all systems go!
  4. We are exclusively looking for do-er uppers. We throw away the schedules that say extensively modernised etc. Trying to make life even more difficult for ourselves obviously.
  5. DBT, I could understand if if that was the case. But almost every house we look at the owner has, ahem, died. So it's whoever has inherited it that wants every last penny. Can't blame them I suppose, we wanted and got a good price for ours. Not concluded yet though ... Very little new stuff came on this week in the area/bracket we are looking at. Boo.
  6. Will do! Hopefully by that time it will be too late, as we want to get a purchase agreed soon and have a few other places we are interested in. Surely they have been advised badly as anyone seeing something fixed just over a SD threshold is going to try and negotiate. There was two stories in the Scotsman yesterday, one about about First time Buyers and one about BTL.
  7. Sellers still aren't playing though. We've tried to negotiate a price on a house this week. It was FP 250000-ish. 'They can't expect over 250' we thought, because of the rise in SD so offered low expecting to be met in the middle. Oh but they did expect their asking price. They wanted to try and go down the cash for F&F route. A tad illegal methinks and we'll be walking away.
  8. Thanks for your help. We'll just have to 'wait and see' ...
  9. Liberton would be ok, depending on which end, Gilmerton no (commuting issues). We want something vaguely period and everything in the price range is new-ish boxes (no offense intended, I just like 'charm') or needs too much work to make it feasible. 6-8 weeks ago there were quite a lot of period-ish houses at the right price so I don't think we are being unrealistic, but we weren't ready to go for them then. Sods law. If we sell then we have somewhere to go, so not all is lost. I swither between 'let's just buy something' and 'let's sit back and wait for the dream home to appear'. Imminent
  10. The thing is, as I said a couple of weeks ago, there may be a lot of properties on there but none are decent! We are frantically looking and can find nothing. As far as I can see the decent houses are not losing their price, in fact the only ones we'd look at seem to be o/o more expensive than they were a few months ago. In the o/o 150000-195000 bracket there is almost nothing new at all this week (Edinburgh North and South).
  11. Thanks for your reply. It's been a bit tough this week, putting our beautiful flat on the market with nothing to go and see and get excited about. Still, we'll be happy when we know what we've got in the bank. Having a baby or would just stay put. Thankfully we have somewhere to move to, rent-free, if we end up having to be out of here early. Second note of interest now. Have been thinking, this would be a nightmare to do, but it would be interesting to see what % of the o/o price things were getting fixed at. We've tracked some places, such as the flats around us, or houses we've viewed, an
  12. This is my first post on here so be gentle! We are buying and selling in Edinburgh at the moment. It's true that loads of properties are fixed price, but it's definitely a certain type of property. We are looking for a house and the ones sitting at FP are all newer houses in Liberton, Gilmerton etc. Anything remotely 'period', and I include 1950s in that, are moving fast. Too fast for us to get our hands on them. There was not one house went on the market in Ed South, North or West this week that we want to view. Our flat is a 2-bed tenement and went on the market Monday night. We've had
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