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  1. Ah, thank you David Cameron. I needed something to cheer me up so badly today - and this must be one of the funniest statements in recent months. Ooh, I did chuckle
  2. Unfortunately I'm a latecomer to this...I didn't start understanding economics until things went pear shaped for me. So, I do have debts, significant ones, but they are about 20% lower now than they were a year ago. Mortgage on a house bought in 2005, probably just about in Negative Equity due to the stamp duty reduction, but not worried about that as I have no intention of selling (nice house, big garden for growing food).
  3. +3 Quit my "proper" job in November, now doing just enough as self employed to see us through - and no more. Will do everything I can to minimise tax etc. Why work hard to pay for others?
  4. Quite probably (after all we don't make our own ash and entrails in this country ) so yes, it's probably a result of the sterling crash. I don't blame the shop, its the destructive economic policies of the tossers in Westminster that are the cause. I've been wavering between the c*ck up and conspiracy theories, but this is the final straw for me (and I know it's relatively petty) I can't believe anyone could be incompetent enough to not foresee what the policies would lead to, it has to be deliberate.
  5. Went on my usual Friday shopping expedition this morning and was unsurprised to see a few things up in price in the supermarket, but what took my breath away, and has made me really angry was waiting for me in the pet store. We have 5 large dogs, so feeding them at reasonable price is always a challenge. We have, for several years, been using dry complete food from Jollyes pet warehouses. It started at 5.99, and went to 6.49 last year. Today it's 7.99. I couldn't help myself this morning and swore loudly from the shock 25% increase Deflation my ****. It's deliberate to impoverish us all and make us all depend on government/banks. I'm now, officially, in the conspiracy, NWO, camp. Grr.
  6. I despair, the way out of this is to CUT SPENDING, CUT TAXES and get us back to being a productive economy. It would be hard, unpleasant and painful ... but would work. Instead we have this bunch of morons throwing OUR money away without any attempt to hold them to account. Where are the "official" opposition - busy writing on their blogs about how terrible it is...well "HELLO" you are the people with the power at the moment...if you really don't like it then do something about it. The Tories and the LibDems between them are absolutely every bit as useless as Labour. They are all complicit in the rape of our wealth. I'm off to buy some rope and find a lampost in Westminster
  7. Am I the only person who sees absolutely nothing wrong in this? Someone is unemployed...why should the the STATE (ie. the TAXPAYERS) support a lifestyle composed of luxuries??? I wouldn't even include a TV in that list, of any size.
  8. Anything in particular causing the FTSE to tank today...or just the general crap
  9. and diesel back to £1/litre round here - have to say I see no "real" signs of slowing inflation - I guess it is all in the things I don't buy!!
  10. +1 and couple it with massive reduction in PubSec job numbers and pay and benefits paid. Look at ways to move health and education out of public sector. abolish Quangos. Cap the pay of senior civil servants, council CE's, etc. and CUT TAX!!!!
  11. Government delays £5bn FE College programme Just in case there was anyone deluded enough to believe that Crash was really going to bring forward public works programmes to encourage spending! It seems that unless you are a bank, or can convince him that you are, you don't win. Now, I have to say that I do believe we should be seriously scaling back public spending anyway - so this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish NuLabia would come clean and admit that they haven't got a clue what to do.
  12. Consultancy firms Partners not taking money out, job losses DL & G&T partners, Arup & Others jobs M&S extend payment terms to 60 days 60 days So it'll take 60 days to get paid, and the Partners wont take any drawings...nice position to be in!
  13. To be fair to Reuters though, they are also carrying this rebuttal of current economists bulls**t about can't possibly be as bad as the GD. Reuters Great Depression Comparison Statistic basis of calculation changed under President Johnson to remove large numbers of people from the stats, if you work on the same basis they are already up around 16%...so the 25% of GD is not so far fetched! Would be interesting to see the same kind of analysis over here, when you add all the long term sick, new deal etc etc onto the official jobless figures.
  14. More construction industry losses, including consultants in these articles Davis Langdon Leads New Round of Redundancies Tesco Demand Fee Cuts from Consultants As a QS myself I cannot see how any of the big practices can offer 50% fee cuts to Tesco, as the profit margins are nowhere near big enough to do it. Only way to make those kind of savings would be to ditch the big consultancies and go with low overhead individuals...must add Tesco to my marketing list
  15. Lovely, such a pleasant industry I work in. Sub-contractor wins work at a price, then gets told to cut by 20% or else. Taylor Wimpey Imposes Cut on Sub-Contractors Indicative of the problems across construction
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