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  1. When you get multiple private messages from the same person or from different people cc'd into a PM thread and you logon after a couple of days away, the messaging system sends you to the very last message sent NOT the very last message that was sent when you last checked your private messages so you have to trawl back through several pages to find out where the new messages start. Can this be changed?
  2. What's the betting they will only be available to key workers a New Labour term if ever there was one. I still struggle to get my head around the term & who decides they are meritorious enough to have this title bestowed upon them. Hands up if you didn't go into work tomorrow the shite wouldn't hit the fan; bet they'd be few takers.
  3. What do you attribute your increased disposable income to?
  4. So how do you account for the deluge of Charity shops on The High Street (they have an 80% reduction in their business rates)?
  5. Coincides with quadruple witching hour, which is right now I believe.
  6. Turn the TV off and go outside it's lovely out there.
  7. I wonder how many of them were bought with a 60% right to buy discount and are now being rented out at over a grand a month? We need rent controls, price controls, supertax on second homes and where applicable eminent domain.
  8. Is this Chinese investors dumping their huge amounts of US Stocks and Treasuries to meet margin calls because the Chinese central bank is turning off the liquidity taps?
  9. Not a bad call but it was made after Bernanke's speech? I think that speech is a bit of a pivot point, the mirror image of Mario D's "whatever it takes" speech.
  10. Would be interesting to see his pov 10 years burning down the road, if free movement of labour laws are allowed to continue unabated and he can't compete for a job.
  11. (Semi) Organised Labour claque with a whole 500 odd Twitter followers who are all clicking the BBC news article to move it up "most read". Nothing much to see here.
  12. A few student protesters chanted racist, then told him to "go back to England". Awesome, couldn't make it up
  13. If all that would've happened, why'd the markets tank then? I'm with MT, it's a different story when it's your own money on the table. Your post is just blinded hindsight, sorry.
  14. I think your second point makes people forgive any other argument UKIP dissenters present. I know it does me, they are the only party I trust on the mass immigration issue. I simply do not trust, nor do I believe anything Cameron says about an EU referendum. I do not trust him and won't vote for him.
  15. In the words of Ronald Reagan "..there you go again."
  16. When all else fails play the race card.
  17. The only party promising effective control on immigration. Three million people let into the country in less than ten years without a care about where they were all going to live. We won't need to build as many new houses if there is a serious control on mass immigration.
  18. I didn't get this from his comments. He did a bit of theatrics but that's television. He was on point in my opinion.
  19. David Cameron is now a rampant liability for The Conservatives, he should do the last honourable thing left for him.
  20. UKIP just come second in South-Shields by-election +++BREAKING+++ Conservative third Lib Dems fourth
  21. Question Time on BBC1 now and David Starkey doing what he does best. Worth a watch. Yesteryear "Gang of Four" member showing just how out-of-touch mainstream politicians are.
  22. Results should start trickling in by late morning and early afternoon tomorrow. Should be all over the news tomorrow evening.
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