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  1. You're wasting your breath Harry. There's a hardcore group of people who still think that Eastern Europeans are in the UK working 12 hour shifts out of some altruistic work-ethic, when the real reason is of course because they can earn 4-5 times what they could in their home country and so they are going to make the damn most of it (and they can still undercut the indigenous labour).
  2. That's the whole point though, if you're in the EU you've potentially got unlimited immigration. And these people that will be working, where are they all going to live? Will extra homes be provided for them (and hospitals for that matter)?
  3. The oft-unseen, never mentioned, flip side of the coin. Never seen a news story about them.
  4. Is this the show that no matter what the article they have on, they always query the random guest about it; so you get some truly bizarre pairings, like Penelope Keith being asked about the banking crisis or Jimmy Carr about Iraq War veterans?
  5. She would have graduated from Uni in 1994. So no tuition debt. Even if she p*ssed around for a couple of years she still could have bought a house in the late 1990s. And she went to Uni? Clearly didn't do a degree in common sense!
  6. Seeing this in construction and engineering. Contracts are being created so... they can start thinking about raising interest rates and comming to terms with creating an exit strategy for all the QE.
  7. Agreed. The otherwise well meaning Labour dogma of benefits for as many kids as you have actually constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in my opinion.
  8. The BBC's hypocrisy in so many things now is beyond parody. In an age of multi-channel, on demand viewing, the BBC should be opened up to the full forces of competition and the license fee revoked immediately.
  9. What's the main reason they don't do this? RBS on the hook for pumped up house prices and this scheme above would ease pressure on rising prices or what?
  10. Read what I said. I said having a sensible immigration policy not a halt to all immigration & I wasn't the one who let several million people into the South-East in the last decade without building extra homes for them. A reversal of immigration would be a start but we are not going to get that all the while we are in the EU, they will keep comming. Before you spout off, I accept this is just one aspect of high house prices and I didn't cause it, nor did you, but we both have to live with it.
  11. I don't think it's unreasonable to have a sensible immigration policy then we won't have such a high demand for housing. Do you?
  12. Why would I want a Council high rise in the North of England when I can pick up a whole house there for £10k? I'm not talking about 60's monoliths in the North, the marginal utility for housing in the South East is so great that I don't think it's unreasonable for people to expect to pay a subsidy for the privilege. Do you?
  13. Hang on, why can't they share the house with a group of randoms like people in work have to do? spareroom.co.uk has tons of working people forced to do this so why can't people on HB do this? These three bedroom houses could house 3 single people or that mum whose daughter moved out could share her home with a jobless mum? We're all in this together 'aint we?
  14. Mismanagement is part of it but in the same way that loose credit is only one of the reasons for high house prices, it's not the only reason for high house prices, mass immigration is another reason.
  15. The CBI are drunk on cheap imported labour & so they might be as they get all the benefits but none of the disadvantages. The CBI are far removed from the coalface of the effects of mass immigration. If you can't afford a house because of it or you now only have an eight minute slot with your GP because it's full of people who've paid next to nothing into the system why would the CBI care? It's win-win for the CBI.
  16. From The Daily Telegraph: Continues.. http://www.telegraph...mpey-chief.html
  17. Also have you taken inflation into account, that's going up every month, bet your wages aren't.
  18. I'd have less of a problem with mass immigration if they built the infrastructure to cope with it and if it was only from countries with a comparable GDP but of course this would offset the CBI's main reason for it's insistence on allowing mass immigration i.e. that it is drunk on cheap, imported labour and it couldn't care a less about the effects on local housing and services.
  19. Mod got a sensible answer? I guess it might be hardcoded into the forum code but if there's a flag that says sommat like goto last msg read would help rather than last msg received. Ta!
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