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  1. Ahh, the magic 16 hour wonder. This should be raised. I might fill that "what do you want in the budget" form in with this.
  2. The Tory's have to find £12bn in Welfare cuts. They can't and won't cut State Pensions (I think 42% of Welfare budget), so that leaves only a few: tax credits, housing benefit, child benefit and disability/incapacity benefits. The favourite that I've been reading about is incapacity but there's no official line yet. Anyone want to punt? Also, when will it be announced?
  3. This gets me thinking that in ultra-marginals (like a few hundred in polls) the power of social media could be harnessed with people moving en masse a few months before an election and get on the electoral roll. People could register ten to a house. Why hasn't any group tried this yet?
  4. Hehe, that was pretty funny. But.. you can't blame 'em really.
  5. Ignore the rights and wrongs of this for a moment (I think it's unfair), what effect will this have on house prices?
  6. 7th May is goint to be a night to remember, there's no doubt about that one. Hold onto your hats!
  7. Conservatives have to be the most cynical electioneering party ever. I wouldn't vote for them if they offered a 50% discount. 7th May just over two months away now folks. It's all up for grabs!
  8. The money is indeed in child tax credits. An unemployed parent will get a £10 "family element" (whatever that means) then each kid gets £52 a week, every week, on top of the child benefit etc. This was introduced in 1998 by Labour. I always find it weird that at some stage in the late 90's single parent families of say two kids found their weekly benefits increase by £114 (in 2014 money).
  9. Ken Clarke on Andrew Marr BBC1 now, still giving his dinosaur views on [mass] immigration. Actually said he didn't think immigration caused issues with the UK's infrastructure like housing and hospital places. I agree with him... If it was immigration... but he's not differentiating (yet again) between the controlled immigration we had in the past and the mass uncontrolled immigration we have today on a hitherto unseen scale. Mass immigration is a contributary factor and people should be allowed to say so and force people to understand the difference, without getting hysterical about it.
  10. The whole "lazy brit" meme hides a thousand sins. If an unskilled British person could upsticks to Eastern Europe and earn £50 an hour for working in a field, millions would be on the first plane out tomorrow and you'd hear stories about "hard graffters" but they can't because it's a one way street. Eastern Europeans aren't here out of altruism or work ethic. They are here because they can earn so much more, they are offered it on a plate and who can blame them? End of discussion. Chuck in tax credits (particuarly child tax credit), housing benefit and everything else and the incentive to work for peanuts (for a British person) becomes less than zero.
  11. http://uk.reuters.com/article/2014/11/20/uk-britain-politics-idUKKCN0J40CZ20141120 Just published, gives a very concise but complete, unbiased report on the rise of UKIP and the reasons. Was impressed.
  12. All free movement of labour between countries with vastly different GDP's means, is that the labour gravitates to the country paying the highest wage. It's all one way. Eastern Europeans aren't here out of altruism, they are here because they can earn many times what they could back home, it's offered to them on a plate and they've grabbed it with both hands & who can blame them? Also, despite what the BBC would have you believe, it's not a great "Voortrek", in many cases it's just a few hours trip on Eurostar. They can go back at the weekends if they miss home that much.
  13. Labour took Scotland for granted for decades. The winds of political change are blowing throughout the whole of the UK.
  14. Cameron is renegotiating nothing. If you are in the EU you have to put up with free movement of labour. END OF DISCUSSION! This from earlier this year, from José Manuel Barroso: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/feb/14/migration-eu-jose-manuel-barroso
  15. The prize is within our grasp. It's so close now I can touch it! Get down to Rochester before next month if you can. Be a witness to history.
  16. UKIP having 24 MEP's, more than Labour and The Conservatives. The Green Party has just 3. This is the latest opinion of the British electorate.
  17. That was the most ridiculous, "clutching at straws", so obvious a hatchet job as you could ever hope to see. Panorama used to be a respectable, investigative program. Now it's a shadow of it's former self, laying bare it's bias credentials. This was petit, name calling and pathetic schoolyard mud slinging at it's worse. They still don't get it. Quote of the program came when they did their boring "pounce routine": Biased Journalist: Why won't you let BBC Panorama do an interview with you Mr. Farage? Nigel Farage: What's the upside?
  18. Nothing new here, this is stuff that was being discussed on housepricecrash many years ago. The only difference now is the stories are inter-generational. This piece talks about the generation below who are also living at home. Two generations now, screwed over by high house prices.
  19. The Voicemail; was that really the best Michael Green Grant Shapps could come up with? Talk about a damp squib. Rumour has it something big this way comes Wednesday...
  20. Michael Green said Reckless "lied, lied, lied". Sorry is he known as Grant Shapps this week? He lied did he Michael Grant?
  21. Breaking just now..I think at UKIP Party conference... Mark Reckless Conservative MP for Rochester and Strood is defecting to Ukip, he announced at the party's conference in DoncasterEat that Cameron!
  22. Don't worry, it's making one massive assumption that The Conservatives will win the next General Election in May. All polls are saying they won't. I will be doing my bit to ensure they don't win.
  23. Anyone update on what's going on at George Square??
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