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  1. Poor sod, a grand a month rent while many pro single parents are going to continue getting free rent and creaming in the tax credits for the next two decades. I'd also be livid.
  2. As we all said on here years ago: as the priced out generation starts taking up positions of influence, the call for hpc will only grow louder. Welcome to the club Guardian journo!
  3. Anybody think next week's by-election had any influence on the tax credit uturn decision?
  4. What's happening dB? I'm currently out and about can't get much internet, can you post your summary asap please, thanks.
  5. At least all those boomers who bought houses at 3.5 times income, had job security from the iron curtain, free tuition and grants & now free bus passes are to get an increase in their state pension. So pleased the money that's available for public expenditure is put to this and paying for Eastern European children who dont even live in the UK.
  6. Been saying this for some years now. If you have a daughter aged 18+, she could do a lot worse then getting knocked up and having a couple of sprogs then going the pro single mum route. She'd earn an equivalent of £40k a year, get a property in a land with a biblical housing crisis rent-free, probably be entitled to 60% right-to-buy discount in that same land, be able to look after her kids when she is young with lot's of energy, spend her days as she pleases safe in the knowledge she is getting £150 a week tax credits & CB & income support and free rent, free dental, first dibs at all the closing down sales during the week etc. Yes, that's what I'd advise you to tell her. *********************************************************************************************************** This is the best quote on the article. Douglas Carswell has been pretty tough on immigration but what can he do? He's 1 in a sea of 649 pro immigration MP's.
  7. Benefits system is a red herring, that laughingly can't be won anyway. The real reason, the number one reason, immigrants come here from Eastern Europe is the massive wage differentials. £1 an hour in Romania or £6.80 an hour in the UK. Hot bunk with a load of mates for a few years and you're laughing. Free movement of labour: one way advantage only.
  8. Yes this is a really good post. I can honestly say in the (6 years?) I've been on this forum, nothing has p*ssed me off more then this thread. I was well aware of the tax credit freeloading and the 16 hr shuffle before but I wasn't aware of just how endemic it was or that it was not means tested for capital. Posters like this & particuarly Durhamborn have really shone on a light on this in a way I didn't fully understand before.
  9. This. There were, without Googling around 21 by-elections, or protest elections, during the last Parliament. This razor thin majority needs to get it's skates on. Labour are on the floor, UKIP got shafted by fptp, it's still a majority. If not now, when.
  10. Agreed spyguy. The attention this has gotten can only be a good thing. The more people that suddenly realise just how much tax credits some sections get (single parents child tax credits for instance) the more enraged people will become. Her appearance on QT has backfired spectacuarly on her on both a personal and a strategic level. She's a benefit reformers wet dream.
  11. Stocks have been grinding up for 8 days straight now. You might be onto something.
  12. Correct and correct, there is only one answer and the time fast approaches.
  13. Need less people. How about stop letting 700,000+ people a year in, many from dirt poor former Soviet satellites who bring nothing to the UK other then the need for housing & wage arbitrage. Reverse the damage of mass immigration through a phased repatriation scheme. Been here less then 5 years? Sorry you will have to leave in an orderly fashion. If you still want to come to the UK reapply for a Visa if you have a skill we need. Bring a £5k deposit, refundable after 5 years or when you leave.
  14. Once again mentioning nothing on how mass immigration, to London particuarly, had a seismic effect on the capitals house prices. Ironicaly, mentions the fall of the Berlin Wall but either doesn't see or refuses to admit the role this had in the house price inflation mix (yea I know it wasnt JUST mass immigration).
  15. Depressingly typical of the bbc, no mention of mass immigration & no mention of extra roads etc. also rqd.
  16. Richard Dyson's pro BTL article is the last crying death throe of an industry that is about to be taxed more fairly and doesn't like it. P*ss of Richard, nobody's listening to you anymore.
  17. There is already a way to do this by manipulating the URL's in RM, I typed up the instructions a few years ago as it kept being asked. I'll have a search later. edit: Here you go, think this is what you're after: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/193342-is-it-possible-to-compare-rightmove-asking-prices-to-sold-prices/?p=909394634
  18. It has got to the point where good unemployment figures initiate a selloff because they are more likely to mean rate rise?
  19. Draghi's already commited with his "whatever it takes" comment. His colours are well and truly on the mast for all to see.
  20. Havent read it, but let me guess no mention of mass immigration on unheard of scales without corresponding increase in infrastructure?
  21. We really need to get away from this idea that EU citizens are making some arduous journey crossing continents to get to the UK in some kind of great Voortrek. It's a few hours trip on Eurostar. It would take you longer to circumnavigate the M25. Let's put that one to bed. Also the technology that is available now that enables you to date a woman in France or America or down the road with such ease, the same mechanics and technology are available on a smart phone to someone sitting in a cafe in Lithuania to look at jobs in London. Or receiving a Whatsapp message from their friend in London saying "more jobs are here come over". They can use that same smartphone to book their ticket, find somewhere to live and be in a job by the following week. The facilitation of free movement has been made ten times easier by the proliferation of smartphone/tablet/wifi technology. The same technological mechanics are also fueling the Med migrant crisis. The Govt. has been way behind the curve on this.
  22. Which is why they are happy to live ten to a house (yes it happens) hot-bunking. They know it is only for a few years and then they can return to Eastern Europe with money that would have taken them decades to earn otherwise and live in comfortable semi-retirement (see earlier posts in this thread about one way nature of free movement of labour).
  23. This is also my fear which is why I favour some kind of repatriation compromise. If an out vote happens, EU citizens who have been in the UK for < say 5 years asked to return after a specified date. Can come back to the UK if they have a skill we require. Even this compromise (which probably wouldn't happen) would still see millions more people in the UK then there should be. If the EU citizens had a problem with that (and I'm pretty sure they would, I know I would) my answer would be they take it up with Tony Blair as it was he who set the unreasonable expectation level that millions of people could settle here forever and to damn with peoples rents and wages. edit: also in the last few years alone, like you, I have noticed massively accelerated demographic change
  24. It is a mix of things. I don't think anyone is saying mass immigration alone is the problem. I'm certainly not, but the supply side issue is most definitely in the mix.
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