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  1. Don't just chuck random Youtube videos in a reply and think you're vindicated. You clearly didn't hear David Davis' speech. Go & read it. Or Liam Fox's. What's your opinion on the latest Yougov poll?
  2. The Brexit bunch had a shaky start but with some powerful voices. In the last week or so they have started to organise into a well oiled machine, potentially creating a supergroup as we speak, allowing them access to all the money & privilege that entails. Brexit's back on baby!
  3. I wouldn't mind airbnbing full-time but because this country is so behind the curve on transient workers rights (need a permanent address to be on electoral roll to vote, a permanent address reqd. to get a mortgage, job etc. etc.) it simply wouldn't be possible. Airbnb hotels would expect you to already have an address. Ditto for living in a hotel full time and round robin at friends or family at the weekends. Same for living in a camper. It's all geared to having you at a fixed abode. In ordinary times this needs changing, in a country with a biblical housing crisis it should have been sorted long ago.
  4. This is why it was so important to get the purda rules right early on. The undecideds, as always, won't make their minds up until the last week.
  5. Or more and more p*ssed off employees arriving late to London after a brutal two hour commute. Each way. Meanwhile, the housing benefit bill to allow people that don't need to work to live in London, rises & rises.
  6. What, so it can be rented out to ten Eastern European immigrants per household? That's all that will happen. You know it & I know it.
  7. I find long drawn out posts on 'We are facing another global financial catastrophe...' thread in the main forum a good contra-indicator.
  8. Hope you get your crash con. I've been posting off and on for 7.5 years, think I joined in '09. I still think the most tangible ie eminently possible hope for house price stabilisation in the near future is a Leave vote (by all accounts this June!). Interest rate rises are out, extra building to the rqd numbers & standards is out, Govt. props are here for keeps, I know that now. TMT is my favourite too.
  9. Wish they'd keep up, this was being mooted on hpc almost 10 yrs ago. Also mooted on hpc was as the younger generation took up the leavers of power from the boomers, things would start to change. Well the boomers are retiring & the priced out generation are now turning the worm.
  10. How far along the road are we to getting everybody on UC? If a pro single Mum has a kid tomorrow, is that still potentially 19 years of child tax credits?
  11. What about demand and supply? If we get a Brexit in the summer, all bets on house prices are off IMO.
  12. My aunt and uncle were blue collar workers (cleaner & hod carrier) who bought a semi in London in the early 80s. Two married bankers today would be stretched to buy their house.
  13. So what about all those poor mugs who can't live with their parents or whose parents live in the middle of nowhere? Even in this best of cases scenarios, she's still pretty screwed. Just thirty years ago a blue collar worker in London would have been better off.
  14. The guy who said the March 2009 reversal was a bear rally instead of being the start of one of the greatest bull runs in history?
  15. They will be organised, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. They will gear everything to get out the vote. They will use extreme postal voting, extreme online campaigning including, but not limited to, guerrilla digital tactics, lying on TV forms to make themselves look impartial to get into the TV audience. One thing I am hoping, is the left once again give a disproportionate amount of time to Twitter, ignoring the lessons of ge15, where the voting demographic did not equal the Twitter demographic.
  16. Wish you were wrong, but I'm inclined to agree exactly with this. Look what happened at ge15 regarding SNP\Labour fear stitch up, this alone cost UKIP at least 2 seats. I agree with Killer Bunny above. Time to put your keyboards & phones down & wear out your shoe leather, this has to be one of the most important fork in the road decisions that will effect the rest of your life. The decision is simple, do you want a massively overcrowded land, that pushes up rents & house prices, pushes down your wages, clogs the Doctors with people who haven't paid their dues and changes your country forever. D-day fast approaches and there's no turning back.
  17. It's all about coalfaces dear boy! Unless you're at the coalface of an issue you're not that bothered by it. If you're a 17 year old living at your mums rent free, you're not going to be overly concerned about mass immigration pushing up rents & lowering wages. Ditto if you're a retired boomer, in fact you probably enjoy the asset inflation. However, what's happening now, is more & more people are being exposed to the coalface of mass immigration. That pro single Mum who gets her rent paid and tax credits each week whatever the level of immigration, now finds immigration so high, she can't get her kid into the local school. Those boomers I mentioned earlier? They can queue behind that Romanian, who's paid nowt into the system, at the Doctors surgery thankyou very much. I'm betting on Brexit.
  18. Balanced? So where's the hpc mention? Been banging on about this since that reporter was probably at school.
  19. One of the topics requested is how the bbc presents statistics on migration. Uh-oh!
  20. As long as this isn't some stupid planned foxtrot they are all in on. Cameron saves the day in a few months by "winning" concessions to fob off to the gullible public, just before the referendum. Either way, all a red herring. Romania £1 an hour or UK £9 an hour living wage? Even if he "won" benefits, he cant win this. Lame duck issue. I vote Leave.
  21. No, pretty sure there's an upper limit for discount. Somewhere around £60-70k mark, even if this means you only get 30% off.
  22. As others have said, who lives there now? What do they get out of the deal? You will be responsible for all the maintenance. Do you trust them with your life as the house will be in their name I suspect. Sounds like a potential minefield, but hey desperate times....
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