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  1. There could be a BIG announcement before the referendum. Something like this. I hope not. I'm not cancelling anything out. Why is Juncker on is way here? edit just to add: EU are well known & versed in making big bazooka, "whatever it takes", 11th hour announcements
  2. Not really, we said years ago on here, once younger priced out people starting ageing (houseprice inflation is now officialy a two generation thing) & taking up the levers of power (journos in this case) we would see a sea change in ideals. They are enfranchising themselves & politicians will listen. It took almost two decades but it's happening.
  3. Fear is how Cameron won the Referendum and fear is how Cameron won the General Election. Played the fear card over SNP/Labour alliance. Actually it was his spin doctor who masterminded the whole idea. He's playing it again. Let's hope his luck has finally run out
  4. I think so too. He has to win & win outright convincingly. I actually think, like the SNP, 24th June could be the next chapter for UKIP. They are the only viable alternative for lot's of seriously p*ssed off Conservative MP's. There will be an enormous pressure to change FPTP. That will be the only way to stop the SNP/Labour menace. We do indeed live in interesting times.
  5. Coalfaces. Again. Unless you're at the coalface of an issue (any issue), you're not bothered by it. In this case, young people who in the main live at home with their parents and haven't been exposed to ever increasing rents caused by mass migration & infrastructure in no way keeping up. Being a student means they haven't seen the ugly side of EU wide wage arbitrage. They will of course. But by then the referendum will be over, ten years will have passed and a new generation will come along to take the liberal utopia mantle from them. And so the play continues ad infinitum.
  6. If it's Remain, I'll have to seriously consider whether I will stay in the UK.
  7. If it is a narrow Remain then there's an evens chance we could see the implosion of the Tory party not seen since the great Corn Law Schism. Multiple defections to UKIP could ensue as it would be the only viable option. I firmly see this as an outcome if Remain don't win & win outright convincingly.
  8. The annual membership is actually good value (for a year, come back to that in a sec) you get free admission & free parking. Saved a fortune doing all the NT places in my area. Also when travelling on holiday to the UK we came back via half a dozen which we visited for free. Went back to the places in our local area many times but... after a year or two we'd been there & done it & didn't renew the membership. Deffo worth it for a year or two though. edit: might do English Heritage next for a year or two for the same reasons as above.
  9. Worth requoting, in case this did happen. You spot this sometimes too? Old timer
  10. Indeed. Unless you're at the coalface of this or any issue for that matter like wage arbitrage caused by immigration you're not that bothered by it. How many of the millions of pro single mums do you think give a moments thought to house price inflation in the UK when they are rolling it in Housing Benefit for the next two decades (then hello Right To Buy). No sympathy whatsoever for these women.
  11. Was abroad last week, when we came back to Heathrow, the guy in security didn't speak English and the number of foreign born was even more noticeable, if that's possible. I hope this is a shark jumping moment for the EU referendum. The day Vote Leave enters orbit.
  12. Pleased I'm not the only one who thinks this. It has to be my worst nightmare, waking up on day one at my new house to see a car across the drive,feral kids running amok & music blaring. However, in the last few years many councils have clamped down hard on noise issues. Some streets I know are different places from the noisy, cars-on-bricks sh*holes I knew from years ago.
  13. That's the sound of the next generation being caugt in the coalface. We said on here this would happen years ago & sure enough the boomers of the noughties who loved their rising house prices and holidays now realise their kids who are now either adults or on the cusp of middle-age cannot leave the family home & that downsizing is out of the question. Welcome to the coalface boomers. We've been expecting you.
  14. Sounds like you're fairly flexible. Ever consider doing Ubering? Might give you even more flexibility.
  15. PIP reforms going to be killed tomorrow, just breaking now
  16. The thing is it is now a multi-generational thing now. Millenials don't realise this I don't think. People who've posted on here 10+ years were the first generation & now this new lot have come along thinking they are the first. All I can say is, welcome to the club and you read it here first (like 10 odd years ago!).
  17. IDS on Marr right now. Well worth a watch on iplayer if you've missed it.
  18. Launched, what nearly two years ago? in a blaze of pre-election publicity; "they won't be rabbit hutches, they won't be available for BTL landlords, only for British people, oh but you have to be under 40". There's been scant concrete information on when EXACTLY they would be available. How many people so far have cruised through the 40 threshold? No I'm not holding out for one, but it's just another sham example of "all talk no action" Cameron. http://www.new-homes.co.uk/starter-homes-qa/
  19. It could have been any story and they probably would have run that one first & given only a few secs to the immigration issue.
  20. Haven't read thread but this got a 9 second mention on BBC R4 news tonight (where they managed to put the phrase "a decrease") behind a 4 minute section on James Saville. BBC doing the absolute, legal, bare minimum to appear impartial. Still terrified to talk about mass immigration. Shocking! edit to add: Whenever the BBC do do a piece on immigration they always do it from the pov of the (poor, oppressed) immigrant, who's travelled across vast continents in search for a better life. No; for most it's a three hour trip on Eurostar, it would take you longer to get round the M25. Only latterly have they been giving the British persons pov (clogged infrastructure) and then only as a very brief, afterthought tacked onto the end of the piece. The BBC need to understand what the first B in BBC stands for when they do pieces on mass immmigration. At the moment it stands for bias.
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