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  1. Nothing to report really. There are no exit polls and most councils don't begin the count until tomorrow (Councils working overnight? Do me a favour!).
  2. Daily Mail have clearly been told by Tory high command to go with negative stories on UKIP. So laughingly obvious and ironically it appears to be having the opposite reaction and entrenching people to vote for UKIP even more. Daily Mail Negative Propaganda From Tory High Command
  3. UKIP are the only party I trust on reversing free movement of labour laws between countries with vastly disparate GDP's and the destructive consequences that brings. Not perfect by any means but for that reason alone they get my vote.
  4. Quick private straw poll to see if these matter to hpc people.
  5. Agreed, an Eastern European earning what would be the equivalent of £30 an hour will work their socks off. They're not here out of altruism or work ethic, despite external appearances. They are here because they've hit The Mother Lode and it's offered to them on a plate so who can blame them?
  6. The OP is making way too much sense. I wonder how big a mansion tax would have to be though to deter a Russian or Chinese nouveau riche?
  7. Schoolboy error. We are all mobile now. Why as I type this I'm looking at a dying sunset.
  8. You mean they won't be comming here to do the jobs British people are too "lazy" to do in a stampede of pure work-ethic altruism? They come here principally for the money?
  9. 59% of the average Londoners income goes on rent. It does indeed say it all.
  10. A lot of these physicists became "quants" and ushered in the financial crisis after Bill Clinton cancelled the Super Conducting Super Collider. After years of sucking off the public teet they didn't know what to do with themselves and got sucked into an altogether different kind of vortex.
  11. A good point. The Child Benefit effect in full effect?
  12. He needs to keep those kinds of cards closer to his chest, like a real politician, then only reveal them once voted in.
  13. I'm also at the acceptance stage. It's saying something when people discussing the best hope of a house price correction is some external black swan event like a nuclear accident or a volcano blowing up, failing that as Masked Tulip said it will happen but in time, imo a long time. I've also mentioned before on here, some years ago now, about the generation effect, how the house price boomers are retiring and the disenfranchised generation are slowly taking up the levers of power in Government and Media. It doesn't surprise me that "house price inflation is bad" has been creeping into the news more and more but it will be years before anything happens.
  14. Found this freeware Macroeconomics game I thought people on this thread might like to try it after you've finished your Easter dinner. Took a while to get the right link, you might need to download the Shockwave Flash plugin if you don't already have it: (I was impeached!) http://bcs.worthpubl...at_070/game.htm Credit: This is an interactive game from the publishers of the Mankiw economics textbook which allows the student to take the role of American President, setting rates of taxes and government spending and viewing the effects on a variety of indicators with a view to maximising the macroeconomic performance of the economy. http://www.merlot.or...al.htm?id=75462
  15. Can someone please tell me where you can rent a room in a house for £14 a week??!?
  16. What a hero. Good riddance, he was at the heart of New Labour when they plotted their mass immigration strategy, he was up to his neck in it. Now he's emigrating and doesn't have to live with it. Don't come back!!
  17. Another weekend, yet another stupid bailout deadline. What is it, by tonight no deal no bailout money, bye bye Cypriot banks?
  18. Not another CSI duped graduate. Kind of ironic really, that the reason so many people do forensics (well oversubscribed) nowadays is down in no small part to CSI. You'd think they could have used some of that deduction knowledge and applied it to their own career prospects.
  19. What's the point? He can't stop anyone from Eastern Europe who does a bunk. Nick Eurolover Clegg is a busted flush. He would outsource or onshore your job quicker than you could say Bangalore or Guangdong.
  20. Unfortunately I have to third this. SMI has already been extended until 2015. It will just be extended again whether by some other name or whatever. Low interest rates are here to stay much longer than the two years the article suggests. These people will be backstopped one way or another and the flip side of that coin will be thrown onto the scrapheap of history.
  21. Small sample size too but unfortunately I have to second this. Anyone else third it?
  22. Most people would do well following this advice then paying £80 a month for a gym.
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