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  1. That is exactly why i was annoyed. I have no problem with people who have mortgage committments or who can afford to wait things out. It just sometimes annoys the life out of you but i suppose i should be happy i have a job and didn't buy a house.
  2. Again have been having a wee look again in midulster this week but nothing much seems to be changing. Was emailing one of the estate agents in the area about certain properties and there prices being way over priced. I recieved the following reply "Hi You referred to the property in X1 this property was reduced from £175,000 to £169,000 a reduction of approx 3.4% in this case as with several other vendors there is a mortgage involved and vendors cannot sell below what they need to clear their mortgage. In this case the seller may settle at a level of £165,000. If this isn’t achieved she may consider withdrawal until the market improves. In the case of X2, this sale was agreed in April 2007 at a figure of £195,500 and whilst the sale fell through at that time we have made several reductions and now marketing at £132,500 and the owners would accept £125,000 making this an overall reduction of 36%. A much greater percentage reduction than you quoted for the UK and we have loads of examples of other properties where the fall in price is much greater than the UK average. The cliché "location, location, location" is all to prevalent when it comes to house prices in Northern Ireland e.g. a 3 bed 1100 sq ft semi in Mayfair London cannot be compared to a similar property in Belfast city. In your previous email you referred to "rated value" which should not be used relative to "market value", indeed if you were check perhaps the rated value for the property you currently own against the market value you will find a noteable difference. Unfortunately, given today's market it would seem with your budget, you are placed in an awkward band, unable to achieve purchase on a detached property at the £150,000 level yet able to buy a semi detached around £125,000." MY FIST NEARLY WENT THROUGH THE SCREEN
  3. Well an wee update for you all. Thanks for all the advice and i suppose that we have decided to rent for the next couple of months at least. Prices in the area have just not been adjusted and it seems to be a huge Mexican stand off as DoccyBoy has stated. Doccyboy in your opinion would a resonable price for a house in the area be it's rateable value minus say 7%?? I have just noticed that the house that i originally used as a 'value' example has been placed back on the market Burn maghera but this time the asking value is £179000 plus £5000 for content. How can an estate agent justify placing a house back on the market at over £35000 over what the sale agreed price was last month in a falling market?
  4. Job security is not a issue for us. Both working in the public sector. Myself as a teacher and she is a nurse. It's funny. I remember 10 years ago people telling me i was nuts headin into teaching. No money i was told. Strange how the worm turns. Renting is definetley an option but we want to be able to take advantage if we see a suitable property. The house i used as an example may have interested us because it included everything, fully furnished. It's good to know that my personal valuation of property in the area £120000-£130000 is similar to other posters on here. It's just a matter of being patient and waiting on the sellers to KOP ON.
  5. I think you ave misinterrupted me doccyboy. We have not bought the house in question or agreed to but it's just the first one we have heard of in the area that represents a bit of value. I know what you mean about stand off time. We have put in low offers with room for negotaition but they have just been knocked straight on the head. What do you think would be a reasonable price to pay for a 3 or 4 bed detached house in the area?
  6. I would not say that i was happy paying £150000 for a house but it is the only property in the area where i feel that the seller has accepted current market values. We have viewed loads of properties in the area but they are still at unrealistic prices. Suppose i was just wondering what a realistic asking price was for a house around there. We can afford to sit tight for a while but we are getting married late next year and it would be nice to have a decent house at an affordable price sorted before the wedding
  7. I have tried to find out the rateable value for these properties via the website but i keep getting unknown entry on the website. How did you find that out so quickly???
  8. I have been a long time lurker on this forum and have finally got around to registering and posting I am looking to buy in Mid Ulster, probably around the Maghera area. Most of the property that we have looked is still over priced. But in the last month we became aware of the following property Burns maghera. The agreed sale price for this property was £150000 and that included all contents. The house was a show house We have made enquires about other similar properties in the same area(same estate The Hawthorns) and we are getting quotes back of £175000 for a 3 bed semi on the same estate and £207'000 for a 4 bed detached(near enough the same house without all the contents). We have placed a couple of offers well below the asking price but have been knocked back. would like to know what do you think would be realistic asking prices for these types of house in the current climate? Would we be better just to sit tight or will the sale of a 4 bed 2 storey detached house for £150000 be the start of realistic house prices in the area?
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