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  1. If you want to and have to buy and it's on for £129,950 offer him -%15 = £110k, you may have to go to £115k if you love the place, but not a penny more ... or wait 6 months and offer 100k
  2. Over on thisismoney the poster was trying to call us crazy and shot down by his own. http://boards.thisismoney.co.uk/tim/thread...3&message=82599
  3. Why would anybody pay more than what the survey says for a house??
  4. the sun website also has a viral chart, so put it on there, they get millions of hits ril
  5. Looking in my area of bristol @ city center Flats £198,581 Oct-Dec 04 £181,197 jan-Mar 05 £168,233 Apr-Jun 05 From Dec 04 to Jun 05 they have lost about 15%
  6. His son is at bristol uni and lives in one i believe
  7. Bank of England Reduces Interest Rates by 0.25 Percentage Points to 4.5%
  8. It's now been dropped to £225,000 !!!!
  9. its the same one i believe
  10. Update: He won't take less that £160k which is what he payed for it last year, I'll leave my £120k on the table and see if he is back in 6 months..but by then it may only be £110k... ril
  11. This one is bristol is on for £235,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-784...t=buy&ep=via_sl But was bought in March for £240,000 ??? I walk past it every day and it is empty ril..
  12. As the one went next door in better condition went for £145,000 , I am at a lose why he thinks it is worth £165,000 , as he paid £160,000 in Dec '04 it seems he wants to pass on his bad choice to somebody else, but nobody out there could be such a mug as to pay his price, not now we have our beloved houseprices.co.uk and nethouseprices.com. He has no facts on why his house is worth more than the other one(£145) that was sold a few months ago, apart from its a few months later?? He must think it is still 2004? The main problem seems to be that he won't sell for less than he payed, which is fine it's his house at the end of the day. I'm in no hurry, i just liked the house ...
  13. Just looking at a nice 2 bed house in a nice area of bristol, the owner bought it 7 months ago for £160,000 and has had it on the market now for £165,000, so must have lost some cash on that!!, anyway the house next door has just come on houseprices.co.uk as sold at £145,000 and does not need a new kitchen, like the one I am looking at, I mentioned the house next door and was told that was sold months ago and prices have gone up since then?? WTF!!! With the work it needs done, I am thinking of offering £125,000 (25% below asking), they were going for that back in 2002 ..... or should i offer less? ril
  14. brownbear, take a look at this member (OLDFTB) on hpc that works for public sector i think he knows what he's taking about http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=11887
  15. My friend works in the public sector and gets at least 7% payrise a year without changing jobs so that £100,000 will become, £107,000 then £114,490 then £122,504 and your get a final salary pension of £100k as well when you get to 55 in a lot of public departments !!! r.
  16. It will be worse this quarter as a lot of sales in the last quarter were agree last year when prices were higher. r
  17. I see lots and lots of posts of people saving for the house price crash, and quoting deposits of 30-40k and more and these are first time buyers! but if the crash takes a while to come so there deposits are even bigger, arn't the prices going to go back up as all these people step in and start to buy with loads of cash. I would be interesting to know how many people do we think are sitting it the wings just waiting for a crash? and will it make a difference and make prices go back up. r.
  18. Just picking 1 of the flats above out of the 9, nethouseprices says it was sold in Nov 04 for £176,000 and is now on sale for £210,000 five months later. Thats a 17% rise !!! Whats going on in bristol??
  19. I rent on the bristol waterfront, 2 years ago when i started renting there was 1 flat for sale and that went in a matter of days, now there are 9 for sale (At very high prices) and all have been on sale for months. Cheers Ross.
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