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  1. I wrote a happiness survey on Monday for the "Sun" newspaper which will be published next week, and strangely it has quite similar results to this, even though the data is from a completely different set e.g. rightmove data V a social network data.

    Rightmove did it on 25k people and we used 20k people , I suppose when you get to that level of data it is quite accurate and does show the real feelings.



  2. Decent areas of Bristol are on a par with London in terms of cost. Think £200k for a decent one bedroom flat in the nicest area Clifton.

    Poorer parts of Bristol require bullet proof vests to be worn at all times.

    We don't need anymore Londoners coming here to 'downsize' and pushing up prices even more!

    There is a trend of ex. Londeners moving to bristol to change pace, down speed, downsize, have a familty etc, the problem is that the companys here don't need people who think they can change down a gear, we have to compete in the global market like everybody else, moving from london to bristol does not mean you have to work any less, its just a nicer place.


  3. Some countries have been going through austerity measures since the 2001 mini-recession with the end effect that wages have remained static for many years now (actually the UK should have gone into one then, but Brown stimulated a smoke-and-mirrors boom based on debt and rising house prices).

    What makes the UK think it is so special that it can keep giving pay rises of 4-5% percent and still remain competitive (not to mention inflation)?

    Many of the so-called service jobs are perfect for outsourcing to India or anywhere where someone has the requisite skills. And surely the wave of immigrants (many of whom are pretty skilled) must have a downwards pressure on wages.

    The way i see it, I must get an inflation payrise to stand still eg. 2.5% and any other on top eg 2.5% is because I have done a good job, If you don't get the inflation part of the payrise I would look for an other company to work for, as if the company can't afford the 2.5% its most likely going bust anyway.

  4. Those figures are the whole of bristol, so not much use as there is such a mix, I am looking in a small area that I want to live in, I currently rent there so know the market very well. And for the last year every house that has come on sale has started high dropped 5% then been snapped up straight away, there seems to be a level that people can afford, so to me in my area nothing has changed since 2001 house go up by 4-5% a year since then but so does my pay.

    As for the five years of static prices:

    Interest rates climb very slowly (Should drop prices), but people also get pay rises (people can afford more) the affordabilty will stay the same and sheeple seem to always buy to there limit so prices will stagnate.

  5. Looking @ the selling prices on houseprices.co.uk in detail for my area in Bristol, it seems that the big jump was in 2000-2001 (+ 40%) but since then for the last 5 years I am seeing only 4-5% a year gains in prices, and everything is now static with no change for the last year in prices, if this no change continues for an other 5 years we will be back on track as if prices rose 4-5% a year from 2000 -> 2011, this seems the most likely to me unless there is a big financial shock to the UK as people seem to be just staying put.

  6. It is the news ticker that is slowing the site down, takes ages to load here and I have a 4 meg link, i don't see what value it adds, if people want to see the news they can click on News Blog! It's not a server thing as javascript loads locally on your machine.

  7. All the poles at my friends work place are payed the same as the Uk workers, he just prefers employing the polish as they have a much better work ethic, turn up on time, never sick, don't moan, good laugh, work hard and are fun to go out drinking with.

    What would you rather have for the same price? A 20 year old polish guy/girl with good work ethic and degree or a 20 year old chav with no GCSE's and thinks the world owes him a living and only wants to go on fag breaks ever 5 mins.


  8. I have just returned from Southern Ireland (Ennis,Galway etc) and Drove about 800K's while i was there for 5 days. And it seems to me the whole of ireland is up for sale, every road you drive down has for sale signs, and not 1 or 2, more like 10-20 and new build flats are everywhere (Most seem half done). Looking in estate agent windows they are very over priced (London->Bristol prices). In the whole time I only saw about 5 sold signs and speaking to the locals everybody seems to either move abroad or be a property developer in Ireland.


  9. Hi All,

    I have been looking around at house's in bristol and looking back to 2000 @ sold prices against current asking prices, and it seems that in historiclly expensive areas small houses/flats have not gone up much in the last 6 years as cheaper ares eg.

    2 bedder in Area like clifton and Water front in 2000 was £130k

    Average asking price of same property now on right move £185k

    so thats a 30% rise in 6 years or 5% a year, which I think is about normal.


    looking @ bedminster / ashton / Totterdown etc in 2000 a 2 bedder was £75k

    Average asking price of same property now on right move £155k

    so thats a 52% rise in 6 years or 9% a year, which I think is not normal.

    So in conclusion I think that the historically cheaper area are going to get burt badly when the crash comes and these areas seem to be where people FTB are currently buying as its all they can buy.



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