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  1. They are protesting vehemently by growing beards like Norwegian trawlermen. "I can't get a house so I will grow this long, ridiculous bushy beard which I can live in so there". Beards are the new houses.
  2. They are either illiterate, remedial or actually have no real conviction in their leader or party. I have also noticed on Youtube their deafening silence. They get shredded and humiliated on Youtube so they are hardly likely to embarrass themselves on here. I really think voting should be limited to those over a certain IQ level.
  3. Reasons to vote Labour 1.) My dad voted Labour as did his dad and his dad before him 2 ) Remember Thatcher 3) It would be worse under the Tories. 4) They are not Toffs and support the Working Class.
  4. Very much reminds me of the football chant "We forgot that you were here" ( With exception of the Medical sector )
  5. "Recent research carried out by movewithus revealed that 94% will be focusing on their web offering in the next decade, with many estate agents looking to move out of the high street." More like 94% will go bust over the next decade. A savage culling of these "money for old rope" scumbags . “The high street office may become a bit of a ‘white elephant’, as although customers seek the help of a professional, to advise and negotiate on their behalf...," Well that puts Estate Agants out of the equation then
  6. Didn't you know. ? its all these newly created Estate Agent positions created to cope with the pent up demand for houses at soaring prices.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/article-1242748/MARKET-REPORT-House-prices-roll-crash.html House price article in todays Mail by Geoff Foster No wonder he wants house prices to go up . He's got nothing else going for him .Poor sod. http://img.thisismoney.co.uk/i/pix/2007/11/GeoffFoster1_203x150.jpg
  8. I think quite the opposite. The more they spout it the more people will think they look desperate and obviously have self-interested motives. Especially as other papers do not spout it with the same intensity. Most people will think with a smirk on their face "Oh look its the Daily Express trying to talk up house prices again. Yaaaaawn. Must be run by a load of toff w*****s "
  9. Is it January 1st or April 1st ? No I cannot waste my time with this childish, yawnsome, regurgitation evey 2/3 weeks from this sh**rag. I think even ardent HPI'ers must think they are a bit of joke like everyone else does.
  10. "Pent-up demand" I hope this unimaginative phrase is put to bed once and for all. I am so immensely bored with it. Anyone using it should be put down in the most inhumane way possible and all trace of them wiped from the face of this planet. I thank you.
  11. The general perception of him has always been he is a "likeable eccentric buffoon". Certainly not unintelligent but he is a bit of a prat.
  12. Can't argue with that. The Tories should have kept their mouths shut about their plans with the Public Sector until after the election. No wonder Labour swelled their ranks. Still don't think it will be enough to save them. Whatever party is in after the election the Public Sector will be trimmed. Brown just cannot be honest about it.
  13. Thank god Whippets and Pigeons don't get the vote . Even the "Cloth Cap and Braces" brigade are becoming disillusioned with Labour. Know quite a few people who voted Labour in last 3 elections who will not be voting for them in 2010. They have hurt too many people one way or another and the press will constantly remind everyone of Labours failings. There will only be bad news for Brown preceding the election as the economic crisis worsens. It will just be a damage limitation exercise for Labour.
  14. I really don't think that will wash with many people as it is too obvious a deflection from his own inadequecies. It would be a desperate and pathetic ploy and could well work against him .Labour will be obliterated at the next election. They are nailed on losers since The Sun switched its support and they know it (except Mr Borrow and Bust himself , who is saving the world). With Brown at the Helm they are toast . John Hutton predicted as far back as 2007 that "he will be a f**king disaster as prime minister". What great intuition John Hutton had.
  15. Oooh wow 12 million eh . Are you sure its not 12,000,041 ?. Who is doing the headcount anyway ?. Looks the same like any other Boxing Day to me. What a load of twaddle.
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