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  1. You obviously otherwise you wouldn't waste time commenting on it.
  2. In bold is a fair point-I don't dispute that it effects expenditure. But equally you must appreciate that the degree of the effect is also important. Just because the majority of people over-estimate HPI does not mean that the majority of people end up spending beyond their means.
  3. Cut down on the alcohol expenditure old sport-you'd have more deposit money then
  4. Er....We were talking about the bizarre assertion that people in San Fransisco were somehow spending above their means as "proved" by the fact that they over-estimated HPI for the coming year. If you want to defend that notion then please feel free
  5. You tell me. You're the one using IO mortgages to try to make a point! You seem to be labouring under a misapprehension that you need a majority of people to be struggling with debt for personal debt to be an issue in this country. A significant minority will be in trouble . Most folk are, and will, be fine.
  6. Yes. Although statistically few people are fortunate enough to buy at the very bottom of the market. Statistically you are very likely to make significant capital gains over any 10 yr window.
  7. Again a rather tenuous argument. You honestly think people save year-to-year based on projected HPI and value of their PPR at retirement? In any case, your arguing on a totally different point i.e. planning for retirement. Since when were we even discussing this?? We were actually talking about spending beyond one's means in the present.
  8. The % of mortgagees on IO is a minority. The % of new IO mortgages is around 1 in 5, also a minority. Is that meant to strengthen your point?
  9. A tenuous argument IMO. Just because they thought HPI would be at 10% does not mean they were MEWing that 10% and spending it
  10. I think this is a little melodramatic. A significant minority lived beyond their means. However, most lived within them and still do.
  11. Renting vs buying you also have to take into account capital appreciation. I appreciate this may not be popular on HPC but over a 10+ yr period you will likely make substantial tax-free gains on a purchase (magnified by leverage of course). Meanwhile, rents will have risen steadily...
  12. Massive rear garden. Would appeal to a divorcee into horticulture. PS. Nice village? Do you know Arkesden?
  13. Not only are you working class, you're from a 1955 time capsule
  14. ...except very few people define "working class" as "someone who works". Either you're being deliberately obtuse or you have no idea as to what the generally accepted definition of "working class" and "middle class" is.
  15. You are right about ambiguous definitions-but don't get too hung up on them. The term is certainly not meaningless- a majority of people have a broad view as to what it means. Believe me there are many people who fit into the view held by the vast majority as to what middle class is. Plus I guess it's a process of elimination-I'm definitely not upper class or working class!
  16. I am aware of the Taliban ban. Are you aware of the difference between correlation and causality? (that's a rhetorical question btw).
  17. I'm sure there's a parallel universe somewhere where this makes sense .
  18. Genius. I guess this means Helmand Province is the most affluent place on earth?
  19. plus a paediatric first-aid course, ofsted inspection and a couple of other hoops. Advantages for the parent are also that you can pay them with childcare vouchers which are tax-free.
  20. Good for you. My happiness is similarly unconnected to my salary/assets.
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