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  1. so just to recap where we are up to, hackneys ace, nw10 is boring, arsenal based in a souless area, tottenhams push for forth spot will be aided by footballing gypsies, possibley already is being in berbatov case, and gooners who hang round in angel are vile... glad we got this sorted out on a serious point, ive got a question for people who think about houses such as on these boards, ive just got back from hols and my question is why is cornwall so expensive to buy a house/land in and brittiany/bretton so cheap, i havnt got an answer, was just wondering if anyone had a logical explination
  2. any of the gypsies look like they could defend a two goal lead?, just an idea
  3. cant hate tottenham im afraid, home of the mighty spurs, practically holy land... tell you one thing ive noticed though, its amazing how similar all the established nice areas are looking these days, same chains of shops and pubs, especially the ones trying to pretend there not chains and on friday and saturday night how towny they are all getting, angel is a perfect example, if you squint you could be anywhere really they dont feel very londony at all, maybe it just me though
  4. depends on your point of view i suppose, but you could get a nice period victorian house with a front garden and a back garden for 250 or there abouts, about 10mins or so from liverpool street on the train, seems cheap to me, the thing is murder mile was the key, its a thinh everyone trots out when you mention the area but it wasnt reall murder mile, it was murder club, some big horrible night club thing on the end of lower clapton road that attracted all the drug dealers for tottenham to haggerstan, it would open 2 months later some one would get shot, it would close, 2 month later open again
  5. baaa, no ones buying those ex la flats, there shit everywhere, not just east london, it was the big victorian houses that were a bargin a couple of years ago, not anymore though unfortunatly
  6. so you live in middlesex, in one of the most boring suburban hiterlands ive ever seen, only really accessable by car on one of the busiest roads in western europe, convienently located to the twin shitholes of finsbury park and woodgreen my point being you can see what you want in an area, no where in london is really immune from the problems of being in a major capital, and no area is far away from another diprived area, but hackney just seems to get it all the time, like its divorced from the rest of london a classic example is the bloke on this forum who cant work out why a house behind c
  7. you dont half talk some rubbish about hackney on these boards... stokenewington is in hackney, victoria park is in hackney, london fields is in hackney, bits of shorditch are in hackney, hackney joins on to angel so roads likw southwold road are hackney. you cant honestly say these places are rough, there as nice as any bits of london, urban yes but its a big place hackney you shouldnt mix up a few estates with the whole area plus, magpie, would you mind tellng me what area of north london your in that escapes all the problems of urban london, primrose hill possibly? hampsted? angel?
  8. na proper house, was a right pain but just got it three weeks ago, im nothing special money wise so it is actually possible, got a couple of mates who are too, all ftbs
  9. hi TTRTR, soz to hijack the thread just bought a house ( 4 x annual wage, mortgage a third of my wages, no sign of losing my job anytime soon, info for the hpc crew) how much just for the shell of a loft conversion do you think, 25ft by 15f, new roof just put in, want to put a dormer in the back, how much would you think just for the structural steel and the dormer, no windows, no floor boards, walls, staircase etc(bro is a chipey) email at adamski1111@lycos.co.uk if youve got a mo cheers soz about that adamski
  10. read all that, not to sure about the pandemic stuff seems a bit silly, but the rest seems sensible. Not looking to make a fast buck, just looking to have somewhere decent to live, the rent stuff is just about if decide to bugger off and work abroad or join the forign legion or somit. Cant really see theres much choice though, rents have been roughly the same all the time ive been in london, nine or so years, and its a really nice house so i dont think it would be a problem to rent out at these sort of rates even if it was empty from time to time, ive got no pension and at least i can see a hou
  11. very true, thought about that, but seems a funny reason not to do something and maybe house least of my worries if it happens, im buying in a particularily diverse area so safe as you can get...plus ny doesnt seem to have been knobbled by it, but maybe acts of god are out of control
  12. nope terrified new buyer here, really, just sick of paying rent for some one elses mortgage, looked at the maths of it all, found a place and thought why not...just started getting payed enough to afford it, but have been in london for about 8 years and the amount ive paid in rent is starting to frighten me, im 29 by the way
  13. hello people im just reading stuff on here cause im in the process of buying house and its quite terrifying me but theres a couple of things i need explaining... im buying a house in a fairly run down bit of london thats been showing signs of improvment over the last two years with spare bedrooms, if my repayment mortgage is equvilent to fairly low estimates of the rental income of the the property, why would i ever resell it for less than the rental income i could recieve ie why would its value ever dip below the rental income being equivelent to the mortgage repayment, surley this is its v
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