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  1. " Recession Will Be Over By Christmas, Says Imf" Well now the IMF had said it I hope that makes the concept of the recession being over By Christmas a credible out come. When I say credible, what i mean is I hope i can place a bet on it not happening by christmas and get reasonable odds at the bookies. I'f I could get evens on in i'd pull all my cash out the bank and run to the bookies now!
  2. Me and a good friend of mine (who is a bit of a bull) have had different views on the futer of the Uk housing market for some time now. Recently we have been discusing a wager on future prices, but so far, we have failed to agree on a mutually agreeable bet. So this is the point I seek advice on. What would you guys concider a safe bet for the next few years? Pesonally I think a future average Uk house price of 120k is a fair bet, however its the time scale I am unsure of. Also is Q.E and the following inflation going to be my ruin? Would a multiple of earnings be a better bet? Thanks in advance for all advice.
  3. Does anyone track national average rental prices, like Halifax and Nationwide track house prices? It would make a good addition to the Graphs if the infomation is available.
  4. I totally agree with milkthe20 on this one. Even before the crash started there was a lot of houses on the market. As I see it the high demand was mainly people trying to make some "easy" cash, not people trying to get there family out of a B&B but stuggleing because there are no houses! So where does this perceived "shortage of housing" come from, is it just more EA ******** or am i missing something? The only shortage was affordable housing but from what I can see that is rectifying itself as I type!!
  5. I think he is legally obliged to "pass it on" but obviously doesn't want to as in this climate it may just get accepted (cutting down his slice of pie). EA baiting is fast becoming a popular sport now, the EA's are probably becoming aware of this and asked to see proof of funds to see if you were serious of just baiting him / her.
  6. Hello All, I have been reading this forum for what now seems like forever, so I thought it was about time i started posting. I have been learning about the market from you guys for a while now and I am currently saving with a hope to buy in at the bottom in a few years time. Here's hoping!!!
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