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  1. Agreed. Wait untill early next year and then offer £340,000............ or maybe less!!
  2. I've noticed similar things recently, I took the kids to the cinema today and was surprised at how empty it was for a saturday.
  3. It seems they are indeed "chasing" the market. Perhaps they should take a bolder step and make a larger cut, so they can be with or even ahead of the market, you never know they may even get a sale!!
  4. I would say 3.5 x average salary which i believe is about 34k (Male full time employment, so not actually average ) so £119000
  5. Deffinately seeing lots of recent reductions in ipswich area, lets hope its just the start!
  6. I agree, great song, but i fear this may be more fitting na na na na na slow down you're gonna crash! LOL
  7. For FTB's to be missing a "deal of a lifetime" are they honestly trying to imply that this is the point in my whole lifetime when houses are going to be the most affordable?? I think not!!
  8. Whats the rush? The market will have fallen then, but it won't be anywhere near the bottom. I'm thinking late 2013 at the earliest.
  9. I am deffinately starting to see some fear. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26096965.html property bee required The bloke selling this seems pretty scared (or desperate) to me!
  10. Well, thats easy to say with hindsight. There is nothing to stop anybody buying gold, another currency, or any asset, for that matter. However there are many things that will effect whether or not that will become a sound investment or a massive loss. the fact is joe average gets payed in Sterling, the house prices are in sterling, and to the majority of people the value is judged in sterling. So to compare it to somthing that is on a big high at the moment is, at best, a poor attempt to distract people from the elephant in the room......... UK houses are overpriced
  11. That article is a load of B****cks!! When I walk past the estate agents window the houses for sale Have an asking price in £'s sterling, and the seller wants £'s sterling for said house. It dosen't say £185000 or a big pile of gold!! If I got payed in Gold bullion and house prices had plumeted in comparison to my ever increasing piles of yellow shiney stuff then this article would be relevent, but thats not the case, so this article is a big pile of old codswallop!
  12. Just saw this on Rightmove today http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29691176.html Tenure: Freehold ***RENT TO BUY OPPORTUNITY*** Interested In Buying This Home? This is how it works: We need a small deposit of 4 to 6% Rent Now - Buy Later provides a great way to get you painlessly onto the housing ladder, quickly and with the minimum of hassle. In just a few weeks, you could be living in your ideal home - one that you will soon be owning. How? Simply put, Rent Now - Buy Later will let you rent your new home now, with an option to buy it at an agreed date in the future. The rent to buy option gives you the opportunity to save a deposit, improve your credit history, sort your life out or improve your employment position, while all the time living in the house you are buying. Your commitment is only for the length of your ‘Assured Short hold Tenancy' (AST) rental agreement and is reliant on you making consistent monthly payments both for your rent and purchase savings plan, but, if for some reason your circumstances were to change and you no longer wished to proceed with the purchase you are not under any obligation to do so. In the meantime, you can plan for the time when you make the move from tenant to homeowner, with absolute confidence. You can treat your new home as your own. Decorate it how you wish, plant the garden, undertake home improvements (subject to approval) therefore adding value, which will be extra equity for you and make it somewhere you can feel proud of. We offer this service as Rent Now - Buy Later, but it is sometimes known as "rent to own", "rent to buy" or "a lease option purchase" and should not be confused with 25%/50%/75% shared equity schemes such as "shared ownership". No matter what your situation we will be able to help you move into your new home. Just to summarise the benefits: • You get to move in fast - without the need of a substantial deposit in the vast majority of cases. • Take your time to save up a deposit and improve your finances. • Your option to buy is at a fixed price, so you benefit from a rising market. • It is just that - an option - so if your circumstances change, there's no obligation to proceed. • Just as in a normal house purchase, your interests are covered by legal agreements • A first time buyer struggling to get onto the housing market • Struggling to raise a large deposit • Currently renting but want to own your own home • Have impaired credit and can't raise finance • Have recently moved to the UK For more information on how to Rent Now - Buy Later; call the office NOW Nice house, but I think this Rent to buy idea sounds like another way to try and hook people into buying somthing at a price beyond there means.
  13. If inflation is 7- 10%, what do you think the interest rates will be?? I would imagine that debt will be hard to "inflate away" with high interest rates and poor wages to pay the morgage with!
  14. I wonder how many will be left in 18 months??
  15. Dude, this is Labours house price boom Is it any surprise it has had a last little twist as their tenure comes to an end? They are finished, and so is the housing market I know it's been one more horizon after another since it all started, one false dawn after another, have we yet seen how the market behaves without crash Gordon at the helm? This is the year I do hope you are right, its been a bloody long time coming, and quite frankly I'm getting bored of waiting!
  16. But what is to stop Brown or his replacement keeping interest rates artificially low for the next year and beyond?
  17. 2500 quid down they got off lightly. They should rip your hand off! but to be honest I have to whole heartedly aggree with Plummet expert when he says "I would not buy at the present time. The kettle is beginning to boil and the debts are not supportable. Unless you are buying for cash and therefore getting virtually nothing on your waiting money then it's better to wait. Within 18 months you will see interest rates rising inexorably and prices crumbling gently for several years"
  18. Overpaid? do you have any idea what a private in todays forces ges paid? Overequiped????????? Have you read any newspapers over the past 5 years?
  19. why cant it go on for much longer? What stops them just continueing to print money?
  20. Well said, this is the untalked about fact that has a HUGE bearing on the limit of Airframes that can be sustained in theatre, this and aircraft spares
  21. If its such an easy life on taxpayers money maybe you should grow some balls and go do it yourself! Or alternatively you can hide behind your PC screen and make your ill informed cowardly comments.
  22. a few questions 1) "bloated form" Are you suggesting the British army is overmanned ? if so what manning do you think id sufficiant? 2) "not needed" do you think the current terrorist threat to the UK just Goverment hype?
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